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King & Maxwell - TV Guide: Ask Matt: Jun 24 '13

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TV GUIDE: Ask Matt: Dramedies, Arrested, Nurse Jackie, H50, Hannibal

Jun 24, 2013
by Matt Roush

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... Question: I was wondering what you think of TNT's new show King & Maxwell. As a fan of the novels, I was really excited to hear about this. I wasn't too impressed with the pilot. I just don't think it was a good idea to jam an entire novel into one episode. It should have been spread out. However, I enjoyed the second episode a lot better. Both the story and the characters were more fleshed out. After being disappointed in the pilot, it was great to see an improvement. It seems like a good companion to shows like Major Crimes and Rizzoli & Isles. — Mary

Matt Roush: Possibly too good a companion. From the title (with its nearly ubiquitous-on-TNT ampersand) to the casting to the plotting, it all comes off as way too generic for me. Like you, I did enjoy the second episode considerably more than the first, in part because I'm getting a kick out of Ryan Hurst's 360-degree turnabout, from doomed Sons of Anarchy biker to this show's humorous office Rain Man savant. And I understand this week's episode will reveal a bit more of Jon Tenney's back story about why he left the Secret Service under such a cloud. But appointment TV it isn't. (My top Monday summer-procedural pick right now is A&E's Wyoming-set mystery series Longmire.)

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