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Defiance - SciFi and TV Talk: Justin Rain Interview

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SCIFI AND TV TALK: Lost & Found: Interview with Defiance's Justin Rain

by Steve Eramo

As a child, it is your family as well as environment that have the most influence on the person you will eventually grow up to be. With Defiance’s Quentin McCawley, some aspects of his upbringing are not unlike those of many young men, while one or two elements are decidedly different. The son of Rafe McCawley, a wealthy and powerful mine owner, Quentin and his family live in Defiance, a settlement (once the city of St. Louis, Missouri) occupied by humans and aliens on Earth in the year 2046.

Compared to many in Defiance, Quentin enjoys a comfortable lifestyle, but it is not without its hardships, especially emotional as well as relationship issues involving his family. There is also his mother’s supposed “death,” along with the recent discovery of a mysterious Artifact that has placed added responsibility and worry onto Quentin’s shoulders. Helping him carry this burden is actor Justin Rain, who delivers a very grounded and believable performance as Quentin.

I think a lot of people can identify with the McCawley family in terms of it’s not the perfect family,” says Rain. “There’s the absence of a parent and also the death of Quentin’s brother Luke [Wesley French], who he really looked up to. At the same time, Quentin is also strangely trying to step out of Luke’s shadow because of the amount of praise that his father put on that son. Quentin is trying to prove himself to his father as far as him being worthy enough to hold the McCawley name along with his father’s incredible reputation in Defiance.

Because I never had a father in my house growing up, I can relate personally to a great deal of what Quentin has experienced and what he is still going through. As an actor, I’m enjoying the challenge of trying to show his vulnerability and being as honest as possible in my performance. There has been some major growth with Quentin in the recent episodes of Defiance when it comes to his relationship with his father and involving his dead brother as well as the Artifact..."

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(McCawley family: Graham Green, Nicole Munoz and Justin Rain]

Defiance cast includes Tony Curran, Jaime Murray, Julie Benz, Mia Kirshner, Grant Bowler, Stephanie Leonidas, Graham Greene, Dewshane Williams, Jesse Rath, Justin Rain and Nicole Muñoz.

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