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Adrian Paul - Highlander - Syfy: Season 4 Marathon Schedule Jul 19 '13

Source: Syfy schedulebot [NOTE: Syfy schedule subject to change(s)]

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Highlander season four cast includes Adrian Paul, Stan Kirsch, Jim Byrnes, Lisa Howard, Peter Wingfield and Elizabeth Gracen.

08:00 AM The Wrath Of Kali

Kamir (Kabir Bedi), an assassin sworn to protect an ancient Hindu statue, tracks the sacred artifact to the university and seeks MacLeod's (Adrian Paul) help in returning it to India.

Guest stars include Veena Sood, Brent Stait, Molly Parker, Suleka Mathew, Kabir Bedi and Alec Willows.

09:00 AM Chivalry

Richie (Stan Kirsch) falls under the spell of a tempting seductress (Ann Turkel) who stole MacLeod's heart (Adrian Paul) ---and nearly his life---during the 17th century.

Guest stars include Emmanuelle Vaugier, Beverley Hendry and Ann Turkel.

10:00 AM Timeless

MacLeod (Adrian Paul) guards a pianist (Rae Dawn Chong) who's being stalked by an Immortal who wants to preserve her talent---for an eternity. Meanwhile, Adam (Peter Wingfield) pursues a date with a dying woman.

Guest stars include Ron Halder, Ocean Hellman, Rae Dawn Chong, Brent Fidler and David MacKay.

11:00 AM The Blitz

MacLeod's (Adrian Paul) search for Anne (Lisa Howard), whom an explosion has trapped in a subway tunnel, revives memories of a similar situation he faced in WWII London with an admiring reporter (Alison Moir) who broadcasted news of Hitler's air raids back to the United States.

Guest stars include Duncan Fraser, Beverley Elliott, Alison Moir, Tim Dixon, Robert Iseman and Tracy Olson.

12:00 PM Something Wicked

A medicine man (Byron Chief Moon), blessed with the power to absorb the evil of others, takes a walk on the dark side when he heals a sociopathic criminal (Darcy Laurie) and assumes his personality.

Guest stars include Byron Chief-Moon, Benjamin Ratner, Carl Chase, Darcy Laurie and Carla Temple.

01:00 PM Deliverance

Filled with evil from the Dark Quickening, MacCleod (Adrian Paul) becomes a killing machine---and no mortal or immortal is safe, including Methos (Peter Wingfield).

Guest stars include Kristin Minter, Michael J. Jackson, Geoffroy Boutan, Patrick Burgel, Valeria Cavalli, Carl Chase and Morgan Cooke.

02:00 PM Promises

The bodyguard (Ricco Ross) of an Arab leader plots to overthrow his tyrannical boss and wants MacCleod (Adrian Paul) to take part in the assassination.

Guest stars include Kristin Minter, Ricco Ross, Benjamin Feitelson, Vernon Dobtcheff, Soumaya Akaaboune, Karim Saleh, Tomer Sisley and Peta Wilson.

03:00 PM Methuselah's Gift

Amanda (Elizabeth Gracen) is pursued by mortals who are after her crystal pendant and the powers of immortality it is said to possess as part of the mythical Methuselah Stone. Directed by Adrian Paul.

Guest stars include Anthony Hyde, Jamie Harris, Nadia Cameron-Blakey and Guy Amram.

04:00 PM The Immortal Cimoli

A magician (Crispin Bonham Carter) fulfills his lifelong dream when he becomes immortal and joins the circus as the death-defying Immortal Cimoli, but his refusal to learn to defend himself from other immortals threatens his career.

Guest stars include Crispin Bonham-Carter, Simon Kunz, Véronique Baylaucq, Stéphane Boucher, Roger Lumont, Patrick Mille and Louise Vincent.

05:00 PM Through A Glass, Darkly

MacLeod (Adrian Paul) tries to help a countryman recover from amnesia, but endangers himself when he brings back memories of their 18th-century dispute over how to gain freedom for Scotland.

Guest stars include Dougray Scott, Gresby Nash, Struan Rodger, Luc Bernard, Shannon Finnegan, Laura Marine and George Salmon.

06:00 PM Till Death

MacLeod (Adrian Paul) plays peacemaker for a couple (Jeremy Brudenell, Cécile Pallas) who have lost that loving feeling after 300 years of marriage.

Guest stars include Jeremy Brudenell, Cécile Pallas, Roger Daltrey, Michel Feller and Michael J. Jackson.

07:00 PM Judgement Day

The Watchers lure Dawson (Jim Byrnes) to Paris, where he is forced to stand trial for revealing his identity and jeopardizing the other Watchers.

Guest stars include Jesse Joe Walsh, Graham McTavish, Steven Tremblay, Benjamin Boyer and Christine Riviere.

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