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Defiance - Syfy: Marathon Schedule Jul 8 '13

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Defiance cast includes Tony Curran, Jaime Murray, Julie Benz, Mia Kirshner, Grant Bowler, Stephanie Leonidas, Graham Greene, Dewshane Williams, Jesse Rath, Justin Rain and Nicole Muñoz.

09:00 AM Pilot (2-Hrs)

The arrival of the mysterious Nolan (Grant Bowler) and his charge Irisa (Stephanie Leonidas) to the town of Defiance marks a threat to the fragile peace that exists between the residents in the premiere of this futuristic drama, which is set in the year 2046, more than 30 years following a war between humans and aliens that left Earth forever changed.

Guest stars include Peter MacNeill, Trenna Keating, Fionnula Flanagan, Noah Danby, Douglas Nyback, Wesley French, Kaniehtiio Horn, Carl Bauer, Steven McCarthy, Robert Clarke, Jessica Nichols, Kevin Shand, Marty Moreau, Rob Archer and Julian Robino.

11:00 AM Down In The Ground Where The Dead Men Go

A killer is pursued; at the same time, Nolan and Datak (Grant Bowler, Tony Curran) come to blows over an ancient ritual.

Guest stars include Trenna Keating, Fionnula Flanagan, Douglas Nyback, Robert Clarke, Steven McCarthy, Dominic Cuzzocrea, Kevin Shand, Rob Archer, Mika Collins, Marianthi Evans and Jessica Nichols.

12:00 PM The Devil In The Dark

Irisa (Stephanie Leonidas) is forced to confront a disturbing power; at the same time, Defiance is invaded by a swarm of menacing Hellbugs.

Guest stars include Trenna Keating, Noah Danby, Kaniehtiio Horn, Darren McGuire, Glen Cross, Jessica Nichols, Tomas Chovanec, Ilena Wolfe, Dion Johnstone, Ishan Morris and Wayne Curnew.

01:00 PM A Well Respected Man

Kenya (Mia Kirschner) is kidnapped; Rafe (Graham Greene) moves a step closer to learning the truth about his son's death.

Guest stars include Brittany Allen, Sanctuary's Robin Dunne, Rob Archer, Michael Dyson, Jessica Nichols, Carl Bauer, Jonathan Seinen, Robert Mauriell, Josh Pattynama, Marianthi Evans, Monica Parker, Gilles Savard, Perry Mucci, Carson Durven and Kevin Shand.

02:00 PM The Serpent's Egg

Nolan and Amanda (Grant Bowler, Julie Benz) find themselves in danger as they attempt to transport a prisoner out of town; and Irisa's (Stephanie Leonidas) mood grows dark after a run-in with the man she believes tortured her as a child.

Guest stars include Ben Cotton, Jane McLean, Brittany Allen, Noah Danby, Kaniehtiio Horn, Milton Barnes, Steve Lund, Andrew Musselman, Jessica Nichols, Joel Labelle, Wayne Curnew and Phil Mackenzie.

03:00 PM Brothers In Arms

An old war buddy (Rob Stewart) catches up with Nolan (Grant Bowler) at the same time a Castithan criminal with a history of violence enters the picture.

Guest stars include Gale Harold, Rob Stewart, Daniel Kash, Trenna Keating, Fionnula Flanagan, Wesley French, Steven McCarthy, Jessica Nichols, Phil Mackenzie, Mika Collins, Wayne Curnew and Kevin Shand.

04:00 PM Good Bye Blue Sky

Interesting relationships develop when the residents of Defiance are forced to stay indoors as a threatening Razor Rain storm approaches. Meanwhile, visions lead Irisa (Stephanie Leonidas) to the Spirit Riders and Sukar (Noah Danby), who has fallen under the influence of a strange and mysterious force.

Guest stars include Trenna Keating, Fionnula Flanagan, Noah Danby, Wesley French, Dion Johnstone, Gilles Savard, Jessica Nichols and Mika Collins.

05:00 PM I Just Wasn't Made For These Times

Nolan and Tommy (Grant Bowler, Dewshane Williams) encounter an American astronaut (Brian Jacob Smith) who has been in hypersleep for several decades.

Guest stars include Stargate Universe's Brian J. Smith, Brittany Allen, Trenna Keating, Jessica Nichols, Monica Parker, Gilles Savard, Carl Bauer and Norma-Jean Heessels.

06:00 PM If I Ever Leave This World Alive

The Irathients are quarantined in the mines after Defiance is struck by a mysterious plague; and Amanda (Julie Benz) reconnects with an old flame (Gale Harold) from the Earth Republic.

Guest stars include Gale Harold, Jane McLean, Trenna Keating, Fionnula Flanagan, Wesley French, Jessica Nichols, Mika Collins, Michael Dyson, Carl Bauer, Monica Parker, Marianthi Evans, Gilles Savard, Perry Mucci, Dion Johnstone, Ishan Morris, Kevin Shand, Wayne Curnew and Barry Flatman.

07:00 PM The Bride Wore Black

The body of a prominent businessman who disappeared nearly six years ago is discovered hidden in the walls of NeedWant, prompting an investigation by Nolan and Tommy (Grant Bowler, Dewshane Williams) that exposes many of the secrets held by the people of Defiance. It also causes unrest on the eve of Alak and Christie's (Jesse Rath, Nicole Munoz) wedding.

Guest stars include Peter MacNeill, Brittany Allen, Brendan McCarthy, Trenna Keating, Fionnula Flanagan, Kyle Mac, Jon Cor, Jessica Nichols, Kevin Shand and Wayne Curnew.

08:00 PM Past Is Prologue

Nolan's (Grant Bowler) involvement in an accident on the eve of the election has the town questioning his role as lawman and Amanda's (Julie Benz) credentials as potential mayor.

Guest stars include Brittany Allen, Wayne Curnew, Trenna Keating, Kyle Mac, Perry Mucci, Kevin Shand and Jane Sowerby.

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Defiance season finale, 'Everything is Broken,' airs at 9/8C on Syfy! CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE EPISODE TRAILER.

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