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K-9 - Syfy: Minithon Schedule Jun 14 '13

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K9 follows the adventures of the robotic canine created by British writers Bob Baker and Dave Martin and first seen in the original 1978 season of Doctor Who. The show mixes live action with stunning CGI and special effects and pits the robot dog K9 and his teenage friends against a number of human and alien adversaries. The new dog is voiced by the legendary John Leeson, who voiced the original K9 from the 1978 Doctor Who series.

Creator Bob Baker has won a number of BAFTAs for his co-writing of the hugely successful Wallace and Gromit shorts and feature, and together with his business partner Paul Tams, was closely involved in the creation of the new K9 series.

K9 cast includes Robert Moloney (Professor Alistair Gryffen), Keegan Joyce (Starkey), Philippa Coulthard (Jorjie Turner), Daniel Webber (Darius) and Robyn Moore (June Turner).

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04:00 AM Regeneration

Whilst Starkey (Keegan Joyce) and Jorjie (Philippa Coulthard) are trying to escape the police they take refuge in a large detached house, now the residence of reclusive scientist, Professor Gryffen (Robert Moloney).

Inside the dilapidated mansion, they see Gryffen absorbed in an experiment with a strange piece of alien technology, a Space Time Manipulator. Darius (Daniel Webber) an artful dodger who, among his many occupations, runs errands for Gryffen, confronts the pair, but at that moment a portal opens and through the hole torn in the fabric of space/time burst two reptilian warrior Jixen. The Jixen try to attack Starkey but the teenager is saved by a small dog-like robot, K9 Mark I.

In the ensuing battle, the only way K9 can defeat the Jixen is to blow himself and them to pieces. One surviving Jixen limps out of the mansion. Before expiring, K9 is able to give instructions that allow Starkey to initiate a regeneration program. A new, more sophisticated and futuristically designed K9 is regenerated.

Guest stars include Sophia Emberson-Bain and Michael Thomson.

04:30 AM Liberation

K9 and the kids break into the Department’s prison to set free every type of alien imaginable!

Guest stars include Sophia Emberson-Bain, Michael Thomson and Connor Van Vuuren.

05:00 AM The Korven

In saving Professor Gryffen (Robert Moloney) from the most dangerous alien in the galaxy, K9 and Starkey (Keegan Joyce) find a home.

Guest stars include Sophia Emberson-Bain.

05:30 AM The Bounty Hunter

When K9’s past comes looking for him, an alien Bounty Hunter could be the one thing he doesn’t want to remember.

Guest stars include Brad McMurray, Connor Van Vuuren and Sophia Emberson-Bain.


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