Saturday, August 20, 2011

Star Trek: The Next Generation - Syfy: Season 6 Marathon Aug 23 '11

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08:30 AM Birthright - Part 1

A layover on Deep Space Nine marks the beginning of adventures for Worf and Data, as each sets out on a quest to find his father.

Guest stars include Star Trek Deep Space Nine's Alexander Siddig, James Cromwell, Cristine Rose, Jennifer Gatti and Richard Herd.

09:30 AM Birthright - Part 2

Worf is imprisoned in a Romulan camp where Klingons and Romulans appear to coexist in peace---a situation that he finds unbearable.

Guest stars include Cristine Rose, James Cromwell, Sterling Macer Jr., Alan Scarfe, Jennifer Gatti and Richard Herd.

10:30 AM Starship Mine

Picard is trapped aboard the Enterprise with a group of intergalactic thieves after the rest of the crew evacuates the ship because of a dangerous cleaning process.

Guest stars include David Spielberg, Marie Marshall, Star Trek Voyager's Tim Russ, Glenn Morshower, Tom Nibley, Tim De Zarn and Patricia Tallman.

11:30 AM Lessons

Picard falls for the new head of the ship's Stellar Sciences department---whom he must send on a dangerous mission.

Guest stars include Wendy Hughes.

12:30 PM The Chase

Investigating an attack on his former archaeology professor (Norman Lloyd), Picard probes a genetic mystery that may link the Cardassians, Klingons and Romulans.

Guest stars include Norman Lloyd, John Cothran Jr., Salome Jens, Maurice Roƫves and Linda Thorson.

01:30 PM Frame Of Mind

Riker (Jonathan Frakes) questions his sanity as he confronts altered realities---a theatrical presentation on the Enterprise, a covert mission and an alien insane asylum.

Guest stars include David Selburg, Andrew Prine, Gary Werntz, Susanna Thompson and Allan Dean Moore.

02:30 PM Suspicions

Dr. Crusher jeopardizes her career as she investigates the death of a Ferengi scientist whose invention may have been coveted by others.

Guest stars include Patti Yasutake, Peter Marx, Tricia O'Neil, James Horan, John S. Ragin, Joan Stuart Morris and Whoopi Goldberg.

03:30 PM Rightful Heir

A legendary Klingon warrior (Kevin Conway) returns to challenge Worf and threaten the stability of the High Council.

Guest stars include Alan Oppenheimer, Robert O'Reilly, Norman Snow, Charles Esten and Kevin Conway.

04:30 PM Second Chances

During a visit to a former mission site, Riker encounters his double---the result of a transporter mishap---and learns the man is still in love with Troi.

Guest stars include Mae C. Jemison.

05:30 PM Timescape

Returning from a conference, Picard, Troi, Data and La Forge find the Enterprise and a Romulan Warbird motionless, stuck in time---and in mid-battle.

Guest stars include Michael Bofshever, John DeMita and Joel Fredericks.

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