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The Twlight Zone ('85) - Chiller TV: Marathon Schedule Apr 19 '13

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09:00 AM Profile In Silver

A historian (Lane Smith) from the future travels back to 1963 Dallas to prevent a famous ancestor's assassination.

Cast includes Lane Smith, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine's Andrew Robinson, Louis Giambalvo, Barbara Baxley, Jerry Hardin, Mark L. Taylor, Charles Lanyer, David Sage, Ken Hill, Huck Liggett and Gerard Bocaccio.

09:30 AM Dead Run

A trucker (Steve Railsback) lands a job driving the “Dead Run.”

Cast includes Steve Railsback, Star Trek: The Next Generation's John de Lancie, The Closer's Barry Corbin, Ebbe Roe Smith, James Lashly and Star Trek: The Next Generation's Brent Spiner.

10:00 AM Red Snow

A KGB colonel (George Dzundza) is sent to a Siberian gulag to probe the deaths of two party members.

Cast includes George Dzundza, Barry Miller, Vladimir Skomarovsky, Victoria Tennant, Andrew Divoff, Lillian Adams, Jack Ross Obney, Kimberly Ann Morris and Mike Kulcsar.

10:30 AM Grace Note

A would-be opera star (Julia Migenes-Johnson) is given a glimpse into her future by her dying sister.

Cast includes Julia Migenes-Johnson, Sydney Penny, Rhoda Gemignani, Kay E. Kuter, Catherine Paolone, Ross Evans, Ruth Zakarian, Gina Vinaccia and Elliott Scott.

11:00 AM Need To Know - After Hours

1) Need To Know: Insanity strikes a community like a contagious disease.

Cast includes CSI's William Petersen, Robin Gammell, Frances McDormand, Harold Ayer, Eldon Quick, Ellen Albertini Dow, Shay Garner, Ray Ballard and Clarence Brown.

2) After Hours: A woman (Terry Farrell) who can only recall the last month is drawn to a mall as it closes for the day.

Cast includes Star Trek: Deep Space Nine's Terry Farrell, Ned Bellamy, Ann Wedgeworth, Chip Heller, Lori Michaels and Edan Gross.

11:30 AM Shadow Play

In a remake of “Shadow Play,” a condemned man (Peter Coyote) claims that everyone is part of his nightmare and will cease to exist if he is executed.

Cast includes Peter Coyote, Janet Eilber, Deborah May, Raymond Bieri, William Schallert, William Smith and Earl Billings.

12:00 PM Take My Life....Please! - I Of Newton

1) Take My Life: A comic auditions at Club Limbo for a place to spend his afterlife.

Cast includes Tim Thomerson, Ray Buktenica, Xander Berkeley and Jim McKrell.

2) I of Newton: A mathematician engages in a battle of wits with a demon. * Fun Episode! *

Cast includes The Jeffersons' Sherman Hemsley and Firefly's Ron Glass (keep an eagle eye on his t-shirts!)

12:30 PM The Last Defender Of Camelot

Merlin (Norman Lloyd) awakens from a 1000-years sleep intent on reestablishing Camelot.

Cast includes Richard Kiley, Call the Midwife's Jenny Agutter, John Cameron Mitchell, Norman Lloyd, Anthony LaPaglia and Don Stark.

01:00 PM Once And Future King

An Elvis impersonator (Jeff Yagher) goes back in time to meet his idol, who thinks the man is his dead twin reincarnated.

Cast includes Jeff Yagher, Lisa Jane Persky, Red West, Paul Eiding, Banks Harper, Brian Hatton, Mitch Carter, Cynthia Sanders and Nancy Throckmorton.

01:30 PM Saucer Of Loneliness

A lonely woman (Shelley Duvall) refuses to divulge the private message she received from a flying saucer.

Cast includes Shelley Duvall, Richard Libertini, Nan Martin, Mari Gorman and James Edward Thomas.

02:00 PM World Next Door

An inventor (George Wendt) finds hope in “The World Next Door.”

Cast includes Cheers' George Wendt, Bernadette Birkett, Tom Finnegan, Jeffrey Tambor, Victoria Bass, Dinah Lenney and Jon Menick.

02:30 PM Voices In The Earth

A salvage expedition returns to a dead world and finds it inhabited by apparitions.

Cast includes Martin Balsam, Jenny Agutter, Star Trek: Voyager's Tim Russ and Dennis Haskins.

03:00 PM What Are Friends For?

A friendless boy (Fred Savage) finds the perfect playmate in the woods.

Cast includes Picket Fences' Tom Skerritt, The Wonder Year's Fred Savage, Lukas Haas, Joy Claussen, Michael Ennis, Franklin & Bash's Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Johnny Green, Jennifer Roach and David Selbert.

03:30 PM The Storytellers

A boy (David Faustino) claims the stories he tells his 141-year-old grandfather keep the old man alive.

Cast includes Glynnis O'Connor, David Faustino, Parley Baer, Nike Doukas, Patricia Allison, John Saint Ryan, Tony Anton and Billy Anton.

04:00 PM Aqua Vita

A TV anchor (Mimi Kennedy) who's worried about her crow's feet drinks a strangely rejuvenating water.

Cast includes Mimi Kennedy, Joseph Hacker, Amanda Horan Kennedy, Christopher McDonald, Martin Doyle and John D. LeMay.

04:30 PM Time And Teresa Golowitz

The Devil (Gene Barry) wants to exchange favors with a songwriter (Paul Sand).

Cast includes Gene Barry, Grant Heslov, Kristi Lynes, Paul Sand, Gina Gershon, Beau Dremann, Heather Haase, CSI's Wallace Langham and J.D. Roth.

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