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Remember Sunday - Hallmark Hall of Fame: Alexis Bledel Video Interview - NEW Movie Apr 21 '13 on ABC

Source: Hallmark Hall of Fame You Tube channel

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Cast Interview - Alexis Bledel - Tell us about working with Zachary Levi

Interview with Alexis Bledel from the Hallmark Hall of Fame "Remember Sunday" movie.

A lonely, down‐on‐her‐luck waitress, Molly (Alexis Bledel), meets a handsome, quirky jewelry store clerk, Gus (Zachary Levi), and thinks that maybe—finally—she's met Mr. Right, in Remember Sunday, a new Hallmark Hall of Fame presentation.

The more Molly gets to know Gus, the more she's intrigued by him. But she's also mystified and sometimes miffed. Gus is absent‐minded and preoccupied. Is there already a girlfriend in his life? Is he harboring some big secret? In other words, Molly wonders, what's his problem? Well, Gus' "problem" is that three years ago he suffered a brain aneurysm. He'd been a brilliant young astrophysicist; now he's totally lost his short‐term memory. Every day is a brand new day and his life starts anew. And every day when he sees Molly, he's unable to connect the dots and recognize how, exactly, she fits into his life. But there's something about this beautiful, sensitive, funny woman that makes Gus fall in love with her all over again—every day.

Alexis Bledel (Gilmore Girls, Mad Men) describes her character as "searching for her place in life. Nothing comes easy for Molly. She's barely scraping by financially. It seems highly unlikely she'll ever achieve her dream of opening up a flower shop. She's been in a series of lousy relationships." But Bledel adds, "in the face of all this bad‐karma stuff, she's a very optimistic person. She has an innate sunniness about her."

According to Zachary Levi (Chuck, Thor: The Dark World), from the moment Gus' alarm clock goes off, his life is choreographed by sticky notes "to remind him where he lives, who's who in his life and what he's supposed to be doing that day." Levi continues, "One of the interesting paradoxes of the that I think we all, deep down, yearn to be with someone who essentially falls in love with us every day. That's what Gus offers Molly. Every time he sees her, he doesn't really remember her—but he falls in love with her all over again anyway! That's an amazing and powerful thing."

Cast includes Alexis Bledel, Zachary Levi, Merritt Wever, Barry Shabaka Henley, Valerie Azlynn, David Hoffman, Jerry Adler, Ann McKenzie, Dana Gourrier and Griff Furst.

Remember Sunday teleplay by Barry Morrow, story by Michael Kase, and directed by Jeff Bleckner.

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