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Colin Morgan - Merlin - BBC America: Weekday Schedule Apr 15 '13

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Merlin's cast includes Colin Morgan, Bradley James, Katie McGrath, Angel Coulby, Anthony Head and Richard Wilson.

Apr 15 12:00PM The Labyrinth of Gedref

Arthur (Bradley James) slays a unicorn, causing a curse to befall Camelot that destroys the grain crops and dries up its water reserves. In order to reverse the curse, the young prince must prove his worth in a series of tests.

Guest stars include Frank Finlay and Richard Riddell.

Apr 16 12:00PM To Kill the King

Uther (Anthony Head) has Gwen's (Angel Coulby) father imprisoned for treason and sorcery, which leads Morgana (Katie McGrath) to seek revenge against the sovereign by joining a plot to kill him. Merlin (Colin Morgan), meanwhile, must choose whether to stop the assassination attempt or allow it to proceed.

Guest stars include David Durham and Cal Macaninch.

Apr 17 12:00PM Le Morte d'Arthur

In the Season 1 finale, Arthur (Bradley James) is seriously injured by a mystical monster known as a Questing Beast. Merlin (Colin Morgan) travels to the Isle of the Blessed to retrieve a cure, but the potion comes with a price: in order for Arthur to live, another must die.

Guest stars include Michelle Ryan and Caroline Faber.

Apr 18 12:00PM The Curse of Cornelius Sigan

The Season 2 premiere finds new servant Cedric (Mackenzie Crook) elbowing his way past Merlin (Colin Morgan) to become Arthur's (Bradley James) manservant and turning the prince against the young warlock. Merlin soon learns that the slippery Cedric has a nefarious goal: to get his hands on a jewel found in a recently discovered ancient tomb.

Guest stars include Simon Nehan, Mackenzie Crook and Luke Neal.

Apr 19 12:00PM The Once and Future Queen

Wanting to win a jousting tournament thanks to his abilities rather than rank, Arthur (Bradley James) disguises his identity with the help of Merlin (Colin Morgan) and Gwen (Angel Coulby). Meanwhile, a bounty hunter arrives in Camelot intent on killing the young prince.

Guest stars include Fintan McKeown, Jack Sandle, Adrian Lester, Rupert Young, Alex Price and Mike Goodenough.

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