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Nathan Fillion - Castle - TNT: Season 4 Syndicated Marathon Schedule Apr 18 '13

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Castle cast includes Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic, Jon Huertas, Seamus Dever, Susan Sullivan, Molly C. Quinn, Tamala Jones, Ruben Santiago-Hudson and Penny Johnson.

04:00 PM An Embarassment Of Bitches

A popular reality-TV star becomes a murder suspect when a well-known dog trainer turns up dead.

Guest stars include Hilarie Burton, Justin Hartley, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine's Nana Visitor, Kevin E. West, Tommy Savas, Scott Lowell, Jim Abele, Tiffany Lowery, Ed Francis Martin and Dale Waddington.

05:00 PM The Blue Butterfly

Castle and Beckett (Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic) revisit a private eye's 1947 homicide after realizing it's connected to a present-day murder they're investigating.

Guest stars include Mark Pellegrino, Chad Everett, Patrick Cassidy, Lorin McCraley, Adam Bay, Sarah Lilly, Darin Toonder, Jared Ward and Ellen Geer.

06:00 PM Pandora

Part 1 of 2. Castle and Beckett (Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic) work with the CIA as they hunt a killer who's connected to an international conspiracy, and the case reunites Castle and a female CIA agent (Jennifer Beals) with whom he shares a past.

Guest stars include Jennifer Beals, Josh Stamberg, David Chisum, Timothy Carhart, Julia Whelan, Bruno Oliver and Russell Edge.

07:00 PM Linchpin

Conclusion. Castle and Beckett (Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic) try to stop a series of events that could lead the U.S. into a war, and their efforts continue to put Castle in CIA agent Sophia Conrad's (Jennifer Beals) orbit.

Guest stars include Jennifer Beals, Josh Stamberg, David Chisum, Jim Turner, Russell Edge, Jade Carter and David Lim.

08:00 PM Once Upon a Crime

Castle and Beckett (Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic) search for a murderer whose victims are dressed like fairy-tale characters such as Red Riding Hood and Snow White.

Guest stars include Meghan Markle, Taylor Kinney, Sarah Jane Morris, June Squibb, Jason Thompson, Gloria Garayua, Nicholas Downs and Lindsey Santefort.

09:00 PM A Dance with Death

Castle and Beckett (Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic) investigate the homicide of a reality-show contestant and uncover an alarming secret the victim was hiding.

Guest stars include Adam Harrington, Tim Ransom, Larry Sullivan, Millicent Martin, Mike Faiola, Bruce Gray, Neil Brown Jr., Arlene Santana, Matthew Alan, Shelli Boone, Erin Chambers, Lauralee Bell, Braeden Marcott, Krishna Cole and Anna Lunberry.

10:00 PM 47 Seconds

Five people are killed in a bomb explosion at a protest rally, and Castle and Beckett (Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic) try to uncover who planted the deadly device by focusing on the crucial seconds prior to the blast.

Guest stars include Revolution's Tim Guinee, Christine Woods, Walter Perez, Matthew Carey, Michael Rose, Samuel Child, Gilbert Owuor, Lorin McCraley, Nikki Novak, Ann Reilly, John Ruby, Kate Siegel and Michael Alperin.

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