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Doctor Who - SFX Magazine: Matt Smith Interview

Source: SFX Magazine [follow link for complete interview]

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COLLIDER: EXCLUSIVE – Matt Smith Talks New Doctor Who Series And 50th Anniversary Special!

by Nick Setchfield
March 25 2013

With Doctor Who returning to our screens this Saturday, SFX reached for the trusty space-time telephone and buzzed the Doctor himself, Matt Smith. We’re talking Ice Warriors, Neil Gaiman, the big five-o and what it’s like to be a first class kind of chap...

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(Jenna-Louise Coleman and Matt Smith)

... SFX Magazine: Jenna told us you recommended some Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn films for her to watch. Do you see the relationship in that kind of screwball comedy tradition?

Matt Smith: "If you look at those movies you get a real sense of teamwork on screen, and chemistry, and so much of the show is about teamwork that leads to chemistry. I just thought it was a good point of reference, really. Yeah, I think there is a degree of that screwbally thing – we flirt, we don’t flirt, we love each other, we don’t love each other, I’m strange, you’re in control, actually I’m really in control… it flips and flops around all the time, and I think those movies really land and deliver on the double act thing, and obviously that’s where we needed to get to. It’s a strange process, the whole Doctor/companion thing. Everyone expects you to have this immediate firework chemistry but that wasn’t the case with me and Karen [Gillan] – you work at these things, and it’s the same with me and Jenna. You have to work at these chemistries, and the detail and the layers and everything. And that’s what we did, and it was an enjoyable process. She’s cracking..."

Doctor Who season 7.5 premieres Saturday, March 30, 2013 at a new time - 8/7C - on BBC America. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE EPISODE TRAILER FOR 'THE BELLS OF SAINT JOHN'

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