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Mark Harmon - NCIS - USA Network: Marathon Schedule Jan 16 '13

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NCIS cast includes Mark Harmon, Michael Weatherly, Sean Murray, Pauley Perrette, Cote de Pablo, David McCallum, Brian Dietzen, Lauren Holly and Rocky Carroll.

01:00 PM TROJAN HORSE (season 4)

When Jenny (Lauren Holly) goes to an overseas conference, Gibbs (Mark Harmon) is made acting director, but, preferring to be in the field, he leads his team's investigation of the murder of a woman who was killed in a taxi heading toward NCIS headquarters.

Guest stars include Armand Assante, Michael Patrick McGill, Scottie Thompson, David Dayan Fisher, Brian George, Marcy Harriell, Stephanie Mello, Sandra Hess, Vladimir Skomarovsky, Sima Kostov, Gary Morgan, Michelle Wolff, Celestin Cornielle and Corie Vickers.

02:00 PM ANGEL OF DEATH (season 4)

In the fourth-season finale, Gibbs (Mark Harmon) tries to find out why the agents are required to take Homeland Security polygraph tests; and Tony (Michael Weatherly) and Jeanne (Scottie Thompson) are held captive by a drug dealer.

Guest stars include Armand Assante, Scottie Thompson, Alan Smyth, Mike Erwin, Shelly Cole, Liza Lapira, David Dayan Fisher, Stephanie Mello, Roxana Brusso, Joe Spano, Payton Spencer, Sky Soleil, Craig Nigh and Webster Williams.

03:00 PM BURY YOUR DEAD (season 5)

In the fifth-season opener, the team has a devastating confrontation with La Grenouille (Armand Assante) that turns deadly.

Guest stars include Armand Assante, Scottie Thompson, David Dayan Fisher, Mesrop Agajanyan and Webster Williams.

04:00 PM FAMILY (season 5)

The investigation into the murder of a petty officer turns into a search for a missing child.

Guest stars include Justified's Nick Searcy, Margaret Easley, Rick Otto, Owen Beckman and Schuyler Yancey.

05:00 PM EX-FILE (season 5)

Gibbs works with Lt. Mann (Susanna Thompson) on the case of a murdered Marine captain, an investigation complicated by the fact that a witness is one of Gibb's ex-wives.

Guest stars include Kathleen York, John Mallory Asher, Lilli Birdsell, Myk Watford, Sanctuary's Robin Dunne and Arrow's Susanna Thompson.

06:00 PM IDENTITY CRISIS (season 5)

While examining a research cadaver, Ducky (David McCallum) discovers the person was murdered and had ties to a criminal mastermind.

Guest stars include Dorian Brown, Stargate Atlantis' Torri Higginson, Nikita Ager, Joe Egender, Joe Spano and Emerson Brooks.

07:00 PM LEAP OF FAITH (season 5)

The team tries to talk a naval officer out of suicide, but things take a turn for the worse and a murder is committed.

Guest stars include Titus Welliver, Robin Thomas, Susan Kelechi Watson, Stargate Universe's Alaina Huffman, Adam Huss, John Vickery, Mark Matkevich, Deanna Russo, Edward Conna and Kimberly Atkinson.

08:00 PM DEAD AIR (season 8)

A naval officer and the shock jock who is interviewing him are both shot to death during a live show.

Guest stars include George Newbern, Michael Monks, Jackson Hurst, Madisen Beaty, Robyn Cohen, Eli Goodman, Cokey Falkow, Sarah Manninen, Michael Duvert and Mohamed Ibrahim Elkest.

09:00 PM BALTIMORE (season 8)

Tony's (Michael Weatherly) former partner is murdered by the Port-to-Port Killer, prompting Tony to recall his early days in Baltimore and the first time he met Gibbs (Mark Harmon).

Guest stars include Scott Grimes, Sean Cullen, Chad Lindberg, Ed O'Ross, Tim Kelleher, Jeff Skowron and Stefan Marks.

10:00 PM SWAN SONG (season 8)

The search for the Port-to-Port killer heats up because his latest victim has ties with NCIS.

Guest stars include Matthew Willig, Alimi Ballard, David Dayan Fisher, Sarah Jane Morris, Kerr Smith, Jesse Stern and Muse Watson.

11:00 PM PYRAMID (season 8)

In the eighth-season finale, the team members are in grave danger when they finally confront the Port-to-Port killer.

Guest stars include Muse Watson, Sarah Jane Morris, Enrique Murciano, David Dayan Fisher, Kerr Smith, Alimi Ballard, Matthew Willig, Matt Craven, Jude Ciccolella, Tehmina Sunny and Vera Miao.


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