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Fringe - Collider: John Noble Interview

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Fringe Friday

COLLIDER: John Noble Talks FRINGE Series Finale, His Reaction to Reading the Final Script, the Last Day on Set, and More

by Christina Radish
January 11th, 2013

With time ticking towards the end of the beloved sci-fi series Fringe, actor John Noble took some time out to talk with the press, on a conference call from Australia, about his favorite moments and best memories of working on the show. Viewers have gotten to see his character in the past, present and future, and in alternate universes, over the course of five seasons, which is a dream for any actor to get to play. And, Noble promises that the finale will make fans happy and, he hopes, also go down as one of the best show finales in history...


Fringe's Walter (John Noble), Peter (Joshua Jackson) and Olivia (Anna Torv)

... Q: Is there anything you could share about your time working on Fringe that may surprise fans?

John Noble: "That’s a hard one because we’ve had such a close relationship with the fans. Through social networking and the internet, we have much more contact, and we did go to things like Comic-Con. So, I think people know most of our secrets. Working in television is very hard. I think people know that. Just the pure demand of it can really take it out of you, physically and mentally, but I think our fans are pretty aware of that, anyway. These characters are complex. Walter is incredibly complex. I do a lot of thinking about the work I do, and try to get the rhythms of scenes. You’re always working with the relationships. It’s pretty demanding, but then again I love that. It was just about doing the job, or trying to do the job, properly. It was never a job that you could rest on your laurels. It was a very challenging 43 minutes of television that we were shooting, every week. We really had to be on the ball, and we were working with an amazing crew. A week would go by and I would say, “How on earth did we shoot another episode?” But, we did. Particularly in the final season, when we were shooting seven-day episodes with a reduced budget and big special effects, the team was so polished, by then, that we were able to do it and, I think, with incredible results..."


The Fringe two-hour series finale airs Friday, January 18, 2013 at 8/7C on FOX. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE SERIES FINALE PROMO.

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