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The Outer Limits (1995) - Chiller TV: Marathon Schedule Oct 12 '12

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04:00 AM Worlds Apart

An astronaut (Chad Willett), lost in space for 20 years, lands on an alien planet and sends an emergency signal to Earth, but the Space Agency has mixed feelings about a rescue.

Cast includes Bonnie Bedelia, Robert Ito, Michael MacRae, Chad Willett, Battlestar Galactica's Donnelly Rhodes, Alison Matthews, Robert Lewis, Falling Skies' Colin Cunningham and Jan Bailey Mattia.

06:00 AM The Refuge

A man finds himself involved in a most dangerous game, as a sadist pits guests at his retreat against one another.

Cast includes James Wilder, Jessica Steen, David McNally, Debbie Podowski, Lisa Melilli, Paul Jarrett, Lorretta Bailey, M. Emmet Walsh, Malcolm Stewart and Barry W. Levy.

07:00 AM Inconstant Moon

When a lonely professor (Michael Gross) discovers the moon's sudden brightness is due to the sun's becoming a nova, he calculates that the planet has only a short time left. Story by Larry Niven and teleplay by Stargate's Brad Wright.

Cast includes Michael Gross, Joanna Gleason, Jeremy Hart, Tom Heaton, William deVry, Scott Swanson and James Bell.

09:00 AM Essence Of Life

A law-enforcement agent investigates a doctor who allegedly distributes a medicine that revives the dead, but soon finds himself hooked on it.

Cast includes Daniel Baldwin, Jessica Steen, Robert Moloney, Daphne Zuniga, Joel Grey, Doris Chillcott, Ron Halder and David Glyn-Jones.

10:00 AM Fathers And Sons

A young man tries to rescue his grandfather from brain experiments being conducted on residents of the nursing home where grandpa lives.

Cast includes Bones' Eugene Byrd, Anthony Sherwood, Julie Patzwald, Bob Morrisey, Lesley Ewen, Peter Williams, Bill Cobbs, Eleana Johnson, Duane Keogh and Maria Louisa Figura.

11:00 AM The Grell

A slave-owning government official finds the worm has turned when he and his family are shot down over land ruled by rebel slaves.

Cast includes Ted Shackelford, Maurice Dean Wint, Britt McKillip, Blair Slater, Continuum's Roger R. Cross, Star Trek: The Next Generation's Marina Sirtis, David McNally and Jake T. Roberts.

12:00 PM Haven

The residents of a state-of-the art apartment get trapped inside when the main computer malfunctions.

Cast includes Chris Eigeman, Stargate Atlantis' Torri Higginson, Kim Hawthorne, Jody Racicot, Gerard Plunkett and Brenda McDonald.

01:00 PM Human Operators

A man enslaved on a ship is inspired to seek his freedom after meeting a young woman. Short story by Harlan Ellison and A.E. van Vogt, screen story and teleplay by Naren Shankar.

Cast includes Jack Noseworthy, Polly Shannon, David Kaye, Noah Heney and the voice of Malcolm McDowell.

02:00 PM The Inheritors

Three people who die when an asteroid hits their city are resurrected as geniuses---with a mission.

Cast includes Tom Irwin, Nicholas Lea, Stacy Grant, Don MacKay, Sarah-Jane Redmond, Michael Kopsa, Bill Smitrovich, Corrine Koslo, Rachel Victoria, Michael St. John Smith, Ron Small, Betty Linde and Maya Massar.

03:00 PM Joyride

A retired astronaut decides to head back into space one last time in an attempt to figure out where his life stopped being fulfilling.

Cast includes Cliff Robertson, Andrea Martin, Mackenzie Gray, Erin Daniels, Adam Harrington, Scott Hylands, Barry Corbin, Peter Bryant, Pamela Perry, G. Patrick Currie, Lorena Gale and Stargate Universe's Peter Kelamis.

04:00 PM The Other Side

A cynical physician (Ralph Macchio) studying brain damage uses a new machine to link the unconscious minds of two comatose patients.

Cast includes Ralph Macchio, Susannah Hoffmann, Aaron Smolinski, Emmanuelle Vaugier, Alec Willows, Anthony Ulc, Michael Sarrazin, Trevor White, Scott Swanson and P. Lynn Johnson.

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