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Richard Dean Anderson - MacGyver - Cloo TV: Marathon Schedule Jun 17 '13

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MacGyver cast includes Richard Dean Anderson (as Angus MacGyver) and Dana Elcar as Peter Thornton.

01:00 PM PILOT (season 1)

MacGyver must rescue scientists trapped in an underground lab protected by a deadly security system.

Guest stars include Michael Lerner, Dana Elcar, Paul Stewart, Michael C. Gwynne, Michael Fairman, Shavar Ross, Darlanne Fluegel, Olaf Pooley, Charles Lanyer, Lawrence P. Casey and Michael Johnson.

02:00 PM GUNZ 'N BOYZ (season 7)

A youth takes the rap for the fatal shooting of a gang member murdered by a weapons dealer who makes a killing by exploiting street violence.

Guest stars include Margaret Avery, Jeremiah Birkett, Christopher M. Brown, Garvin Funches, James Mathers, Richard McGregor, Tommy Morgan Jr., Vicellous Reon Shannon, Vonte Sweet, Lee Weaver, Ann Weldon and Larry Wilcox.

03:00 PM OFF THE WALL (season 7)

MacGyver goes to the wall for a graffiti-artist friend and his grandmother, who's been evicted by a slumlord to make way for a development project.

Guest stars include Betty Carvalho, Richard Coca, John Considine, Charles Dierkop, Robert Dryer, Bob Fimiani, Kathleen Freeman, Stanley Kamel, Michael Francis Kelly, Tiiu Leek, Ruth Manning, Bette Rae and Kent Williams.

04:00 PM THE STRINGER (season 7)

MacGyver takes on the dangerous cause of a Chinese dissident, but he gets help from an unexpected source---his son (Dalton James).

Guest stars include Michele B. Chan, Dalton James, Henry Kingi, Nicholas Matus, Craig Ryan Ng, Steve Park, Lisa Savage and Keone Young.

05:00 PM THE MOUNTAIN OF YOUTH (season 7)

MacGyver joins Jack Dalton (Bruce McGill) on a search for the fountain of youth in a land that appears to be the real Shangri-La.

Guest stars include George Cheung, Alex Colon, Gary Edward, John Lykes, Bruno Marcotulli, Bruce McGill, Roya Megnot and Ned Romero.

06:00 PM PILOT (season 7)

07:00 PM THE GOLDEN TRIANGLE (season 1)

MacGyver is taken for a narc when he tries to retrieve a canister filled with a deadly chemical from a plane that crashed in Burma.

Guest stars include Joan Chen, George Cheung, Clyde Kusatsu, Keye Luke, Benjamin Lum, Bryan Price and James Saito.

08:00 PM THIEF OF BUDAPEST (season 1)

In Budapest, a Gypsy steals a watch containing microfilm that MacGyver was supposed to receive from a Soviet double agent.

Guest stars include Michael Constantine, Bruce Abbott, Kelly McClain, E.M. Margolese, Charles Raymond, Robert Hallak, John Prudhont, Sid Haig, Nicholas Kadi, Charles Joseph Martin, T. Lee Griffin and Jim Gosa.

09:00 PM THE GAUNTLET (season 1)

MacGyver helps an investigative reporter (Robin Curtis) get out of a Latin American country with incriminating evidence linking a general to an illegal arms dealer.

Guest stars include Robin Curtis, John Vernon, Gregory Sierra, Sam Vlahos, Marco López and Socrates Ballis.

10:00 PM THE HEIST (season 1)

MacGyver must get into a Virgin Islands casino vault to recover $60 million in diamonds that belong to a U.S. famine-relief charity.

Guest stars include Vernon Wells, Victoria Bass, John Carter, Doran Clark, Larry D. Mann, Richard Jamison, Michael Francis Kelly and Patrick Francis Flannery.

11:00 PM GUNZ 'N BOYZ (season 7)
12:00 AM OFF THE WALL (season 7)
01:00 AM THE STRINGER (season 7)
02:00 AM THE MOUNTAIN OF YOUTH (season 7)
03:00 AM THE GOLDEN TRIANGLE (season 1)
04:00 AM THIEF OF BUDAPEST (season 1)
05:00 AM THE GAUNTLET (season 1)

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