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The Twilight Zone (1985) - Chiller TV: Marathon Schedule Oct 8 '12

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09:00 AM Road Less Traveled

A teacher (Cliff De Young) has flashbacks to the Vietnam War---even though he was a draft dodger. Directed by Wes Craven. Written by Michael Cassutt and George R.R. Martin (Game of Thrones).

Cast includes Cliff De Young, Margaret Klenck, Jaclyn-Rose Lester, Clare Nono, John Zarchen and Christopher Brown.

09:30 AM Nightcrawlers

A veteran (Scott Paulin) "shares" his nightmares about Vietnam with patrons of a diner.

Cast includes Scott Paulin, James Whitmore Jr., Robert Swan, Sandy Martin, Bobby Bass and Matt Levin.

10:00 AM Wordplay - Personal Demons

1. "Wordplay." A man (Robert Klein) thinks everyone is speaking gibberish. 2. A writer is plagued by gremlin-like "Personal Demons," that no one else can see.

Cast includes (Wordplay) Robert Klein, Annie Potts. Adam Raber, Robert Downey Sr., Brian Bradley, Joseph Whipp and Dwier Brown. (Demons) Martin Balsam, Clive Revill, Joshua Shelley and Penny Baker.

10:30 AM Little Boy Lost

A photographer (Season Hubley) trying to decide between an overseas job or marriage, meets a mysterious boy.

Cast includes Season Hubley, Nicolas Surovy, Scott Grimes and Nancy Kyes.

11:00 AM Teacher's Aide - Children's Zoo

1. In "Teacher's Aide," a mild teacher (Adrienne Barbeau) starts manhandling students. 2. A girl brings her bickering parents to a "Children's Zoo."

Cast includes (Teacher's Aide) Adrienne Barbeau, Adam Postil, Miguel A. Núñez, Josh Richman and Fred Morsell. (Children's Zoo) Lorna Luft, Steven Keats, Jaclyn-Rose Lester and Sydney Walsh.

11:30 AM A Little Peace And Quiet

A housewife (Melinda Dillon) gets her wish for “A Little Peace and Quiet” when she digs up a magical pendant in her garden.

Cast includes Melinda Dillon, Greg Mullavey, Virginya Keehne, Britanny Wilson, Joshua Harris and Judith Barsi.

12:00 PM The Misfortune Cookie - A Small Talent For War

1. "Misfortune Cookie." A restaurant critic (Elliott Gould) gets a taste of what he dishes out. 2. "Small Talent for War." An alien ambassador decrees that the Earth must be destroyed.

Cast includes (Misfortune Cookie) Elliott Gould, Bennett Ohta, Caroline Lagerfelt, Frederick Coffin, Claire Carter, John G. Scanlon and Al Leong. (A Small Talent for War) John Glover, Peter Michael Goetz, Stefan Gierasch, Fran Bennett, José Angel Santana, Gillian Eaton and Richard Brestoff.

12:30 PM Shatterday

A man (Bruce Willis) dials his home phone number, and it's answered by his alter ego. Directed by Wes Craven ("A Nightmare on Elm Street").

Cast includes Bruce Willis, Dan Gilvezan, Murukh, John Carlyle, Seth Isler and Anthony Grumbach.

01:00 PM Act Break - Lost And Found

1."Act Break." A hack writer (James Coco) is granted his wish to work with the best playwright ever. 2. "Lost and Found." Items disappear from a woman's dorm room.

Cast includes (Act Break) James Coco, Bob Dishy and Avery Schreiber. (Lost and Found) Akosua Busia, Cindy Harrell, Leslie Ackerman and Raye Birk.

01:30 PM Chameleon

Scientists are baffled by the changes a technician (John Ashton) undergoes in an isolation tank.

Cast includes 666 Park Avenue's Terry O'Quinn, Ben Piazza, John Ashton, Steve Bassett, Iona Morris, Alma Martinez, Chad Hayes and Lin Shaye.

02:00 PM Healer

A loser (Eric Bogosian) profits from a stolen artifact's healing powers.

Cast includes Eric Bogosian, Vincent Gardenia, Robert Costanzo and Joaquín Martínez.

02:30 PM The Burning Man - The Elevator

1. "The Burning Man." A woman (Piper Laurie) and her nephew pick up a seemingly crazy hitchhiker. 2. "The Elevator." Two brothers (Robert Prescott, Stephen Geoffreys) sneak a look at their father's secret experiment to feed the world.

Cast includes (The Burning Man) Piper Laurie, Danny Cooksey, Andre Gower and Roberts Blossom. (The Elevator) Stephen Geoffreys, Robert Prescott, Douglas Emerson and Brandon Bluhm.

03:00 PM Gramma

A boy (Barret Oliver) is afraid to be left alone with his dying “Gramma.” Written by Harlan Ellison from a Stephen King story.

Cast includes Barret Oliver, Darlanne Fluegel and Frederick Long.

03:30 PM Wong's Lost And Found Emporium

A man (Brian Tochi) discovers a transient shop where everything that's ever been lost can be found.

Cast includes Brian Tochi, Anna Maria Poon, Carol Bruce and Stacy Keach Sr.

04:00 PM Her Pilgrim Soul (Part 1)

A scientist (Kristoffer Tabori) befriends the holographic projection of a child.

Cast includes Kristoffer Tabori, Anne Twomey, Gary Cole, Wendy Girard and Danica McKellar.

04:30 PM Her Pilgrim Soul (Part 2)

As Nola (Anne Twomey) ages, she senses that there is some destiny she must fulfill.

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