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Kyra Sedgwick - The Closer - TV Guide: Ask Matt Aug 6 '12

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Aug 6, 2012
by Matt Roush

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... Question: I'm a big fan of TNT's The Closer. However, in this past season, especially after Kyra Sedgwick announced she's ending her role, it seems that the stories are a lot harsher with Brenda's storyline. Hopefully the finale is a lot better. Any news regarding the finale? — Stephanie

Matt Roush: Brenda hasn't had it easy in these last episodes, but for me, that has made The Closer a better drama as she deals with the consequences of her actions — although I can see where fans might see it as piling on for her to suffer a sudden personal tragedy on top of everything else. Still, to watch Kyra Sedgwick play these emotional scenes reminds me of what the franchise is losing when she steps away from this career-defining role. I have seen the final two episodes of the series (and the first few of its spinoff, Major Crimes), and if you think I'm going to spoil any of the details of the finale you must be thinking of someone else's column. I will say these are fairly powerful episodes — tonight's long-awaited reveal of the "mole" in the office packs quite a punch — and after next Monday's finale airs, then it will be safe to discuss whether Brenda and Kyra get the sendoff they deserve. All I'm willing to say for now is that she'll be missed. As I write in the magazine in my review of Major Crimes (which will be posted closer to air), the new show feels like The X-Files trying to continue without Mulder.

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