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Alphas - SciFi and TV Talk: Erin Way Interview

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SCIFI AND TV TALK: Alphas' Erin Way - Copy Kat

by Steve Eramo

Have you ever watched someone who is proficient at doing something, like a sculptor, a carpenter or a master chef, and thought, “I would love to be able to do that.” Well, for Kat, a mysterious, free-spirited young loner and new face this (second) season on Syfy’s Alphas, achieving such expertise is not beyond her capability. Unfortunately, her particular Alphas power comes with a downside, as Erin Way, who plays Kat, explains.

My character is shaped very much by her ability, which is that she can pick up any skill almost instantaneously,” says the actress. “Kat is a quick study and can become an expert at anything, from learning to fly a plane to doing martial arts. However, the downside is that she suffers from a memory problem. The best way I can describe it is ‘memory TiVo,’ so as time passes, her memory drops off. Around the six-week mark, she starts forgetting everything that happened prior to those six weeks. Kat retains her abilities, but doesn’t remember how she learned them or what she knows how to do unless she’s in the situation. Then she’ll be like, ‘Oh, I think I know how to fly a plane,’ but Kat would never be able to volunteer that information otherwise."

In order to survive, Kat has become a little bit of a gypsy, and her attitude has been one of living in the moment. She isn’t really tied down by very much because she can’t retain memories, so she’s decided, ‘I’m going to live for today and have a good time since I won’t remember it later on.’ That very much shapes who she is, and because of that, I guess the acting challenge for me would be that I have to be as convincing as possible at doing various things. So my first week on the job, it was martial arts, and I had about three days to learn enough to look like I could actually beat Malik Yoba [Bill Harken] in a fight. Well, let me just tell you, that’s not the easiest thing in the world,” admits Way with a chuckle, “especially for someone like me who doesn’t have any background at all in martial arts."

So to maintain the integrity of my character, I have to do a crash course in whatever Kat is supposed to be an expert at that week. It takes a bit more research and practice than maybe another type of role, but I am having a blast...


Alphas airs Monday at 10/9C on Syfy.

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