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Falling Skies - TV Guide: Ask Matt Aug 6 '12

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TV GUIDE: Ask Matt: The Newsroom, Glee Project, Falling Skies, True Blood, More

Aug 6, 2012
by Matt Roush

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... Question: What is your take on Falling Skies? For a sci-fi story so far, it has kept the sci-fi part on near equal footing with the interpersonal relationships, which is good. They have developed characters that you like and hate. Some of the special effects, such as the robots, are surprisingly crude for a series in which Spielberg is involved, but I look forward to the show. It certainly seems much lower budget than my (still) favorite Stargate SG-1, again, evident in the special effects.

One last, why are catch-up reruns not available for Person of Interest? Neither CBS nor Comcast have them available! — Bruce

Matt Roush: I'm ranking Falling Skies the summer's most-improved series — also the summer's best sci-fi series (sorry, Syfy). It has been so much tougher and emotional this season, especially anything involving the son Ben (the terrific Connor Jessup), and I'm OK with the special effects, because they should be raw and unpolished given the world being portrayed here. As for Person of Interest: This is a recurring question involving shows that aren't available online or On Demand, and that's usually the prerogative of the studio, not the network. It involves deals and contracts I can't pretend to understand, though often boiling down to the fact that some companies don't always want to give their shows away for free and would rather make you watch in real time (imagine!) or record the shows (in first-run or rerun), thus making them potentially more valuable properties when it comes time for sale to syndication or cable....

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