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Being Human - SciFi and TV Talk: Meaghan Rath Interview

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Being Human

SCIFI AND TV TALK: Being Human's Meaghan Rath - Let The Spirit Move You

by Steve Eramo

Sometimes we all feel lonely or disconnected from the world, and perhaps no one knows that better than Being Human’s Sally Malik. Not too long ago she and her fiancĂ© Danny were planning a future together in their new home. Then, however, Sally was tragically killed by a fall down the stairs, but rather than “moving on,” her ghost remained trapped within the four walls that once held such happiness and potential. Invisible to others and unable to communicate with them, Sally’s only respite from such solitude was the occasional visit from Danny and prospective renters. She had no idea, though, that her afterlife was about to change in a big way, and actress Meaghan Rath, who plays Sally, could not wait to take that journey with her otherworldly TV self.


“I just loved Sally so much from the first time I read the script,” says Rath. “I feel like a lot of women, especially those in their 20’s, can identify with someone like her. I mean, we’re dealing with someone who was vibrant and passionate and knew what she wanted out of life, where she was going and the kind of things that she wanted to do. Here’s a woman who was confident and secure with herself and who then falls in love and loses herself in another person. However, when she dies, all that is stripped away from her, but she still has those same needs and longings.

“So I think it’s really relatable to a lot of people, and heartbreaking, too, which is what I initially connected with, and it’s been amazing to play someone like Sally. It’s one of the greatest acting challenges I’ve ever had because she’s such a well-rounded character. She goes from moments of really heightened excitement to these rock bottom lows, and as an actor that’s extremely exciting to play because it’s a real person. That spectrum of emotions is something that people go through all the time, and it’s nice to see that onscreen as well as in the scripts because you’re getting to play an actual human being and not someone who is one dimensional. I couldn’t have asked for anything more...”

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