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Green Hornet (TV Series) - Syfy (US) Marathon Feb 24 '11

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08:00 AM The Ray Is For Killing

Someone is demanding $1,000,000 for the return of Reid's art collection.

Guest cast includes Robert McQueeney, Grant Woods, Bill Baldwin and Robert Gunner.

08:30 AM Programmed For Death

Phony diamonds and a killer leopard await the Hornet as he investigates the death of a reporter.

Guest cast includes Signe Hasso, Richard H. Cutting, Don Eitner and Gary Owens.

09:00 AM Crime Wave

A computer offers evidence against the Hornet, who has been accused of a jewel theft.

Guest cast includes Peter Haskell, Sheilah Wells, Jennifer Stuart and Dee Carroll.

09:30 AM The Silent Gun

The Hornet tries to destroy a silent, flashless revolver before the underworld puts it to use.

Guest cast includes Lloyd Bochner, Kelly Jean Peters, Ed McCready and Al McGranary.

10:00 AM The Frog Is A Deadly Weapon

The Green Hornet tries to find Casey, who was abducted while investigating a gangland leader.

Guest cast includes Victor Jory, Barbara Babcock, Thordis Brandt and Rudy Hansen.

10:30 AM Give 'em Enough Rope

Mike Axford tries gathering evidence to expose a wealthy racketeer.

Guest cast includes Diana Hyland, Mort Mills, Joseph Sirola and David Renard.

11:00 AM Eat, Drink And Be Dead

The Hornet and Kato come to the aid of tavern owners who have been forced to buy bootleg liquor.

Guest cast includes Jason Evers, Harry Lauter, Eddie Ness and Harry Fleer.

11:30 AM Beautiful Dreams - Part I

Reid tries to link a professor's murder to a health club.

Guest cast includes Geoffrey Horne, Pamela Curran, Maurice Manson and Jean Marie Ingels.

12:00 PM Beautiful Dreams - Part II

A racketeer sets out to double-cross the Green Hornet (Van Williams).

Guest cast includes Geoffrey Horne, Pamela Curran, Maurice Manson and Jean Marie Ingels.

12:30 PM The Preying Mantis

The Green Hornet and Kato try to smash a Chinatown protection racket.

Guest cast includes Mako, Tom Drake, Hal Yamanouchi and Lang Yun.

01:00 PM Corpse Of The Year - Part I

Reid tries to expose the culprit who's posing as the Green Hornet.

Guest cast includes Joanne Dru, Tom Simcox, Cesare Danova, Celia Kaye, J. Edward McKinley and Barbara Babcock.

01:30 PM Corpse Of The Year - Part II

The Hornet tries to nab his impostor, whose crimes include murder.

Guest cast includes Joanne Dru, Tom Simcox, Cesare Danova and Celia Kaye.

02:00 PM Bad Bet On A 459 - Silent

The Hornet, wounded by a bullet, must get medical attention without revealing his identity.

Guest cast includes Bert Freed, Brian Avery, Nicolas Coster and Barry Ford.

02:30 PM Trouble For Prince Charming

Prince Rafil is given a choice: abdicate or his fiancée faces murder.

Guest cast includes Edmund Hashim, Susan Flannery, Alberto Morin, James Lanphier.

03:00 PM Alias The Scarf

The Hornet searches for a strangler who uses a white scarf to kill his victims.

Guest cast includes John Carradine, Patricia Barry, Brenda Benet and Jack Garner.

03:30 PM Hornet, Save Thyself

Reid tries to prove that he did not gun down an old enemy.

Guest cast includes Michael Strong, Frank Marth, Marvin Brody and Ken Strange.

04:00 PM Invasion From Outer Space - Part I

The Hornet tries to stop an electronics wizard from using an H-bomb to conquer the world.

Guest cast includes Lloyd Haynes, Larry D. Mann, Linda Gaye Scott, Arthur Batanides and Christopher Dark.

04:30 PM Invasion From Outer Space - Part II

Dr. Mabouse gains possession of an H-bomb

Guest cast Larry D. Mann, Linda Gaye Scott, Arthur Batanides, Christopher Dark and Brett King.

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