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Sinbad - Syfy: Marathon Schedule Aug 3 '13

Source: Syfy schedulebot [NOTE: Syfy schedule subject to change(s)]

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[NOTE: UPDATE July 25, 2013. Syfy has decided to "burn off" the remaining episodes of Sinbad on Saturday, August 3, 2013 with a marathon. Primeval: New World will air on August 10, 2013, and Syfy Movies will return on August 17, 2013 (at least as what is currently now listed on the schedule).

Sinbad cast includes Elliot Knight, Marama Corlett, Elliot Cowan, Junix Inocian, Dimitri Leonidas, Fringe's Orla Brady, Estella Daniels and Lost's Naveen Andrews.

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11:00 AM Pilot

Sinbad's actions make him an outcast at home, so he flees and sneaks aboard a merchant vessel in the series premiere of this magical adventure series focusing on the legendary sailor.

Guest stars include Yigal Naor, Janet Suzman, Paul Barber, George Harris, Myriam Acharki, Devon Anderson, Robert Gilbert and Akash Heer.

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12:00 PM Queen Of The Water-thieves

Water thieves capture Sinbad and the crew of the Providence.

Guest stars include Yigal Naor, Janet Suzman, Sophie Okonedo, Arkie Reece, Myriam Acharki, Robert Gilbert and David Leguesse.

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01:00 PM House Of Games

Sinbad (Elliot Knight) confesses his curse after the Providence is lost in a bet.

Guest stars include Iain McKee, Ashley Walters, Julia Calvert, Steffan Busuttil, Katinka Egres and Matthew Scurfield.

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02:00 PM Old Man Of The Sea

Sinbad (Elliot Knight) boards an abandoned ship and meets an old man who isn't what he seems.

Guest stars include Yigal Naor, George Harris and Timothy Spall.

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03:00 PM Hunted

As Taryn (Orla Brady) creates a magical Stalker to hunt Sinbad (Elliot Knight), Gunnar's (Elliot Cowan) past catches up with him.

Guest stars include Carsten Norgaard, Robert Gilbert and George Rossi.

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04:00 PM The Siren

An injured Sinbad (Elliot Knight) awakens in the care of a mysterious woman and he develops a fondness for her, not knowing her true motives.

Guest stars include Yigal Naor, Janet Suzman and Georgia King.

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05:00 PM Homecoming

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06:00 PM Kuji - Syfy Premiere!

Anwar falls in love with a girl who claims she’s a God, but there’s an army after her.

Anwar (Dimitri Leonidas) finds a strange box in a desert island. When he and Sinbad (Elliot Knight) open it, a god girl named Kuji (Hannah Tointon) is released.

Guest stars include Hannah Tointon and Marek Toth.

07:00 PM Eye Of The Tiger - Syfy Premiere!

Sinbad (Elliot Knight) looks for a magical stone which provides visions from the future, while he's being tracked by a bounty hunter called Tiger (Tuppence Middleton).

Guest stars include Tuppence Middleton, Lee Ingleby and Mark Lewis Jones.

08:00 PM For Whom The Egg Shatters - Syfy Premiere!

After Tiger's (Tuppence Middleton) negotiation, the crew is hired by a professor (Nikki Amuka-Bird) to ship herself and a precious item to a barren island.

Guest stars include Tuppence Middleton and Nikki Amuka-Bird.

09:00 PM Fiend Or Friend? - Syfy Premiere!

Following Tiger's (Tuppence Middleton) advice, the crew of the Providence reach the island of Malta, where they can find a map to the Land of the Dead. Dangers awaits them in the shape of a mysterious creature.

Guest stars include Tuppence Middleton, Mathew Horne, Ruben Xuereb, Miranda Raison, Dougray Scott, Joe Carr, David Bailie and Nicholas Galea.

10:00 PM Land Of The Dead - Syfy Premiere! Series Finale!

The crew of the Providence, which includes a very special stowaway now, reaches the Land of the Dead, where secrets will be revealed.

Guest stars include Tuppence Middleton, Evanna Lynch, Devon Anderson, Dan Cade, Christopher Dingli, Portelli Paul and Andrew Wilde.

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