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Justified - Starpulse: Jim Beaver Interview

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STARPULSE: Jim Beaver Talks 'Justified,' Leaving 'Supernatural' And Whether He’ll Be Back On 'Breaking Bad'

June 11th, 2013
By: Alan Danzis

There’s not many offers to interview celebrities that come in my inbox that get me as excited as the one I received a few weeks ago. You might not even know his name, but odds are, you know some of his roles.

Jim Beaver is an actor I’ve followed for years, mostly because he’s had memorable roles in some of my favorite shows in the world ranging from Breaking Bad to Supernatural to Justified.

We covered all of his big roles in a recent interview. If you’re not caught up on all of those shows, you may want to steer clear of spoilers...

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(From Justified, Timothy Olyphant, Jim Beaver and Erica Tazel)

... Starpulse: I thought you were phenomenal on Justified this season, especially once you were revealed as Drew Thompson. As rich as that storyline was for you as an actor, did it make you somewhat sad that it seems like you might not be able to appear on the show as often anymore?

Jim Beaver: "One of the problems with being a guest actor is that your time on a show is always going to be limited. In some ways, I got a better deal than some of the performers who've carried guest arcs on the show, people like Neal McDonough and Margo Martindale, because I got to appear in a couple of seasons prior to my big one.

I was very happy that they didn't kill Shelby/Drew off, because getting killed is a very good way never to be on a show again. Except Supernatural, of course.

I can't think of an easy or effective way for me to come back, but I can tell you this, I'd leap at the chance. Justified is the first show I've done since Deadwood that had that particular Deadwood feel, that wonderful sense of language and character.

I just hope there are shows in my future that are half as good...

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