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Falling Skies - Access Hollywood: Robert Sean Leonard Interview

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ACCESS HOLLYWOOD: Falling Skies: Robert Sean Leonard Dishes On His Eccentric Dr. Roger Kadar

June 21, 2013
by Jolie Lash

House’sRobert Sean Leonard popped up in the recent “Falling Skies” Season 3 premiere as mad scientist and underground dweller Dr. Roger Kadar, and although he didn’t appear in last Sunday’s episode, fear not fans — he will be back again.

He’s fantastic,” the actor said of his character when TNT flew up to the Vancouver set last fall. “He lives underground. Essentially, he’s given up, I think, on life. He keeps to himself, he’s wickedly smart, but hypo-allergic to other people and anything above ground.”

As for why his character has such a fear of leaving his little hovel to head above ground, Robert said fans may not figure that one out this season...

Falling Skies season 3 airs Sunday at 10/9C on TNT. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE EPISODE TRAILER FOR 'AT ALL COSTS,' AIRING JUNE 23, 2013.

... While his first appearance showed Roger to be a recluse, Robert said his character will be dragged into the fray by Noah Wylie’s Tom Mason.

He cares about Noah’s character and he wants to help, but I honestly think he’s done. I think he likes his puzzles and living in his head, and if solving puzzles helps Noah and the people that he’s working with, that’s good,” Robert said. “Obviously, Noah’s character slowly drags him a little more into the sun and into being with other people....

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