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Doctor Who - BBC America: Season 2 Weekday Schedule May 28 '13

Source: BBC America schedulebot

Doctor Who Billier Piper


[NOTE: No Doctor Who on May 27, 2013 due to the Memorial Day holiday programming.]

Doctor Who season two cast includes David Tennant and Billie Piper.

May 28 8:00AM School Reunion

The Doctor (David Tennant) investigates a contemporary London school which is being haunted by strange, bat-like creatures at night. While at the school, the Doctor finds his old friend, Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen), already working undercover. Both have old scores they must settle.

Guest stars include Merlin's Anthony Head, Elisabeth Sladen, Rod Arthur, Eugene Washington and Heather Cameron-McLintock.

May 28 9:00AM The Girl In The Fireplace

The Doctor (David Tennant) finds love - and evil droids - in 18th-century France. Madame de Pompadour is being haunted by a stranger called the Doctor. Can he save her from the clockwork killers?

Guest stars include Sophia Myles, Ben Turner, Jessica Atkins and Merlin's Angel Coulby.

May 29 8:00AM Rise Of The Cybermen

Part 1 of a two-part story. The Tardis is trapped on a parallel Earth and Rose (Billie Piper) discovers that her father is still alive. But sinister forces are at work, and British society is being prepared for the Ultimate Upgrade.

Guest stars include Shaun Dingwall, Roger Lloyd-Pack, Andrew Hayden Smith and Don Warrington.

May 29 9:00AM The Age Of Steel

The Cybermen take control of London and start converting the populace. While Jackie (Camille Coduri) falls under Lumic’s (Roger Lloyd-Pack) control, the Doctor (David Tennant), Rose (Billie Piper) and Mickey (Noel Clarke) are reduced to fugitives in a world of terror.

Guest stars include Camille Coduri, Shaun Dingwall, Roger Lloyd-Pack, Andrew Hayden Smith and Helen Griffin.

May 30 8:00AM The Idiot's Lantern

Time travelers visit London in the 1950s and uncover an alien secret amidst celebrations honoring Queen Elizabeth II.

Guest stars include Maureen Lipman, Ron Cook, Jamie Foreman, Debra Gillett, Rory Jennings, Margaret John, Sam Cox, Ieuan Rhys, Jean Challis and Marie Lewis.

May 30 9:00AM The Impossible Planet

Part 1 of a two-part story. Rose (Billie Piper) finds herself further away from home than ever before, in the orbit of a Black Hole. Trapped with an Earth expedition and the mysterious Ood, the time-travellers face a greater danger, something ancient begins to awake.

Guest cast includes Danny Webb, Shaun Parkes, Claire Rushbrook, Will Thorp and Ronny Jhutti.

May 31 8:00AM The Satan Pit

Rose (Billie Piper) battles the murderous Ood and the Doctor (David Tennant) finds his every belief being challenged to the core, as the Pit beckons. With the planet threatening to fall into the Black Hole, the Doctor must make the ultimate sacrifice.

Guest cast includes Danny Webb, Shaun Parkes, Claire Rushbrook and Will Thorp.

May 31 9:00AM Love & Monsters

An ordinary man called Elton (Marc Warren) becomes obsessed with the Doctor (David Tennant) and Rose (Billie Piper) and their mysterious blue box. But when Elton’s investigations bring him to the attention of the enigmatic, and powerful Victor Kennedy (Peter Kay), his hobby suddenly plunges him into a nightmare.

Guest cast includes Camille Coduri, Peter Kay, Marc Warren, Shirley Henderson and Simon Greenall.

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