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Warehouse 13 - TV Guide: Monday Playlist Apr 29 '13 - Syfy 10/9C Season Premiere!

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TV GUIDE: The Monday Playlist: Warehouse 13 Returns, Fox's Serial-Killer Finales, ABC Soaps Go Online

Apr 29, 2013
by Matt Roush

... Even with the clock ticking on a looming medical apocalypse, a worldwide pandemic of fatal "English Sweating Sickness" initiated by the unleashing of a magical Black Orchid thingamabob, Syfy's quirky fan fave Warehouse 13 manages to find time to crack wise about the end of the world.

"It's always 'ultimately death,'" Agent Pete (Eddie McClintock) bemoans when clued in about just how nasty the disease is that has infected the entire team and much of the rest of the planet. "Artifacts never release a plague of tickles or an epidemic of kittens."

A plague of tickles: not a bad way to describe this tongue-in-cheek supernatural lark which pulls out all the guest-star stops in an eventful episode (Monday, 10/9c) by Drew Z. Greenberg that kicks off the second half of Season 4 with Evil Artie's (Saul Rubinek) life and soul also in jeopardy. Pete and Myka's (Joanne Kelly) quest to neutralize the epidemic introduces them to familiar genre faces, including James Marsters (Buffy) as a nutty professor and Polly Walker (Caprica) as his mysterious nemesis, and you may be reminded of an Indiana Jones caper by the time their adventure is over.

Back at Warehouse central, it's up to Claudia (scene stealer Allison Scagliotti) and Steve (Aaron Ashmore, not to be confused with the more annoying hero his twin brother Shawn plays on The Following) to go inside Evil Artie's brain, where all manner of residue of past and present guest stars lurk. It's a great payoff for longtime fans and a fun way to get back with the program in case you've drifted away between split seasons...

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