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Mark Harmon - NCIS - USA Network: Marathon Schedule May 4 '13

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NCIS cast includes Mark Harmon, Michael Weatherly, Pauley Perrette, David McCallum, Sean Murray, Sasha Alexander, Cote de Pablo, Brien Dietzen, Pancho Demmings, Alan Dale and Lauren Holly.

04:00 PM TROJAN HORSE (season 4)

When Jenny (Lauren Holly) goes to an overseas conference, Gibbs (Mark Harmon) is made acting director, but, preferring to be in the field, he leads his team's investigation of the murder of a woman who was killed in a taxi heading toward NCIS headquarters.

Guest stars include Armand Assante, Michael Patrick McGill, Scottie Thompson, David Dayan Fisher, Brian George, Marcy Harriell, Stephanie Mello, Sandra Hess, Vladimir Skomarovsky, Sima Kostov, Gary Morgan, Michelle Wolff, Celestin Cornielle and Corie Vickers.

05:00 PM ANGEL OF DEATH (season 4)

In the fourth-season finale, Gibbs (Mark Harmon) tries to find out why the agents are required to take Homeland Security polygraph tests; and Tony (Michael Weatherly) and Jeanne (Scottie Thompson) are held captive by a drug dealer.

Guest stars include Armand Assante, Scottie Thompson, Alan Smyth, Mike Erwin, Shelly Cole, Liza Lapira, David Dayan Fisher, Stephanie Mello, Roxana Brusso, Joe Spano, Payton Spencer, Sky Soleil, Craig Nigh and Webster Williams.

06:00 PM MARINE DOWN (season 1)

Gibbs (Mark Harmon) and his team investigate when a dead Marine's wife receives a call from someone claiming to be her husband.

Guest stars include Erich Anderson, Richard Brooks, John Rubinstein, Carlos Sanz, Jason Brooks, Rebecca Boyd, Jennifer Tighe, Crystal Allen, Ron Baker, Michael Sarysz and Victor Bonavida.

07:00 PM LEFT FOR DEAD (season 1)

A woman (Sherilyn Fenn) digs herself out of a shallow grave and doesn't know who she is, but is convinced that a bomb is on board a Navy ship.

Guest stars include Sherilyn Fenn, Derek de Lint, Kenneth Tigar, Norbert Weisser, Jim Rash, Al Espinosa and Asante Jones.

08:00 PM THE BONE YARD (season 2)

The accidental death of a civilian at a military demolition site leads to the discovery of more bodies and the conclusion that the area could be the dumping ground of a serial killer.

Guest stars include John Rosenfeld, Robert Costanzo, Chris Ellis, Mary Pat Gleason, Joe Tabb, Blue Deckert, Joe Spano, Chas. Floyd Johnson, Matthew Atherton, Laird Macintosh, Michael Guarnera and Oleg Zatsepin.

09:00 PM BAIT (season 3)

The team rushes to a high school where the son (Michael Welch) of a military officer is holding a classroom of students hostage, threatening to detonate the bomb strapped to his chest. Gibbs (Mark Harmon) seizes an opportunity to enter the room and becomes a hostage, and Tony (Michael Weatherly) takes command in his absence.

Guest stars include Paul Schulze, Michael Welch, Jade Carter, Mauricio Mendoza, Linsey Godfrey, Charles Duckworth, Alexandra Krosney and Stephanie Mello.

10:00 PM DEAD AND UNBURIED (season 4)

The decomposing body of a missing marine is found propped up in a chair in an abandoned house, where it was placed after being exhumed from the backyard.

Guest stars include Rebecca Wisocky, Matt Winston, Liza Lapira, Rachel Boston, Elisa Donovan, Derek Webster and Tom Kiesche.

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