Thursday, March 21, 2013

Warehouse 13 - TV Guide: Returning Spring Shows: Where We Left Off

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TV GUIDE: Returning Spring Shows: Where We Left Off

Warehouse 13 (Syfy)

Premieres: Monday, April 29 at 10/9c

Where We Left Off: After learning the Astrolabe has created an evil side of Artie's personality — which killed Leena — the team was unable to stop him breaking the container of the Chinese orchid and releasing a deadly "Sweating Sickness" on the world.

What's Next: First things first, Pete, Myka & Co. must find a way to stop the deadliest pandemic since the Dark Ages — all while battling symptoms themselves. As the team mourns the loss of Leena, new characters will fill the void. Polly Walker will play Charlotte Dupres, a historian who may know more about the Warehouse than she lets on. Later in the season, Kelly Hu joins the cast as Abigail Cho, a protege of CCH Pounder's Mrs. Frederic. Plus: A new big bad is coming!


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