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Patrick Stewart - Star Trek: The Next Generation - Syfy: Season 7 Marathon Feb 16 '12

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Star Trek: The Next Generation season seven cast includes Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, LeVar Burton, Michael Dorn, Gates McFadden, Marina Sirtis and Brent Spiner.

08:00 AM Homeward

Worf's foster brother violates the Prime Directive in an effort to save a doomed alien race.

Guest stars include Paul Sorvino, Castle's Penny Johnson Jerald, Brian Markinson, Edward Penn and Susan T. Collins.

09:00 AM Sub Rosa

Shortly after her grandmother's death, Beverly falls under the spell of a ghost lover who has been in her family for generations.

Guest stars include Michael Keenan, Shay Duffin, Duncan Regehr and Ellen Albertini Dow.

10:00 AM Lower Decks

While enduring the Enterprise's promotion evaluation process, four junior officers find themselves involved in a top-secret mission.

Guest stars include Dan Gauthier, Shannon Fill, Alexander Enberg, Bruce Beatty, Patti Yasutake and Don Reilly.

11:00 AM Thine Own Self

Having completely lost his memory, Data is stranded on a primitive planet where the inhabitants fear he is carrying a deadly plague.

Guest stars include Ronnie Claire Edwards, Michael Rothhaar, Mike Hagerty, Andrew Benne and Richard Miro.

12:00 PM Masks

While an alien archive transforms the Enterprise into its ancient society, Data is taken over by several different personalities from the extinct civilization.

Guest stars include Rickey D'Shon Collins.

01:00 PM Eye Of The Beholder

While experiencing empathic visions after an officer's mysterious suicide, Troi becomes romantically involved with Worf.

Guest stars include Mark Rolston, Nancy Harewood, Tim Lounibos and Johanna McCloy.

02:00 PM Genesis

Picard and Data return to the Enterprise to discover that the entire crew has de-evolved into prehistoric beings.

Guest stars include Patti Yasutake, Dwight Schultz and Carlos Ferro.

03:00 PM Journey's End

Picard is forced to relocate American Indians from a planet they have settled, while a colonist causes Wesley to re-examine his future.

Guest stars include Wil Wheaton, Tom Jackson, Natalia Nogulich, Ned Romero, George Aguilar, Richard Poe, Eric Menyuk and Doug Wert.

04:00 PM Firstborn

A mysterious family friend arrives to help transform Worf's reluctant son Alexander into a warrior.

Guest stars include James Sloyan, Brian Bonsall, Gwynyth Walsh, Barbara March, Joel Swetow and Armin Shimerman.

05:00 PM Bloodlines

Picard learns that he has a son, and that the young man has been targeted for murder by an old enemy in search of revenge.

Guest stars include Ken Olandt, Lee Arenberg, Peter Marx, Amy Pietz and Michelan Sisti.

06:00 PM Emergence

The lives of the Enterprise crew are endangered when the ship suddenly develops its own intelligence.

Guest stars include David Huddleston, Vinny Argiro, Thomas Kopache and Arlee Reed.


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