Monday, December 19, 2011

Alphas - Music Fashion Magazine: Laura Mennell Interview

Source: Music Fashion Magazine [follow link for complete interview]

Alphas 2012


by Lauren Weigle

Canada has bestowed on us yet another talented actor… Laura Mennell. Recently starring in the sci-fi television series Alphas, Mennell is taking on her role of Nina at racing speed in her super high stilettos. What’s not to love about that image?! As a dedicated actress, Mennell has appeared on both the big screen and the small screen and is best known for her roles in Watchmen and Flight 93. Her resume is endless and her looks are timeless. As a Hollywood actress with attributes such as these, she’s definitely climbing further and further up the celebrity ladder with each new role she takes...


... Q: Tell me more about your character Nina on the show.

Laura Mennell: "Nina's been a lot of fun to play. She's super intelligent, strong, capable, and she has the best ability... at least that's what I think. She's an influencer and is able to manipulate people into doing whatever she wants them to do. It's a great ability on the job—she gets the team out of tricky situations and can get honest answers out of uncooperative suspects or witnesses. But, she also has tons of fun with her power. I love that she does things that most people could only dream of doing! Like getting a cop to eat her speeding ticket. If only life could be like that! But, Nina's life isn't perfect. She has a bit of a past she doesn't like getting into, and of course the audience will learn more about Nina as some walls come down as the series progresses..."

Alphas season two premieres on Syfy in 2012.

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