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Terra Nova - TV Guide: Ask Matt [Roush] Oct 24 '11

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Terra Nova 3

TV GUIDE: Ask Matt: Walking Dead, Homeland, Terra Nova, Dexter and More!

Oct 24, 2011
by Matt Roush

... Question: Terra Nova has all this great medical, weapons and transportation technology from 2149, and the producers have been very careful and thorough in creating the mythology and the science of the settlement. So why is there no air transportation? —Christina

Matt Roush: Here's an answer courtesy of executive producer Rene Echevarria:

"Most of the technology in Terra Nova is sent back through the portal in pieces from 2149 and reassembled on our end. What to send back is a matter of priorities since the portal can only be kept open for a short time. Priority is given to mission-critical supplies such as medicines, weapons for self-defense and, of course, the pilgrims themselves. As for air power, every now and then you'll hear references to "RBs," short for research balloons. These are tethered to the ground at fixed locations outside the compound perimeter, and can provide live security/surveillance footage as well as atmospheric/scientific data."

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