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Once Upon A Time - Collider: Co-Creator/Executive Producer Adam Horowitz Interview

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Once Upon a Time

COLLIDER: Co-Creator/Executive Producer Adam Horowitz Interview

by Christina Radish
October 23rd, 2011

From co-creators/executive producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis (Lost, Tron: Legacy), the imaginative new ABC fantasy drama Once Upon A Time, tells the story of a time when there was an enchanted forest filled with all the classic fairy tale characters that we know. Then one day, the Evil Queen cursed them all to live in the modern world, in a sleepy New England town called Storybrooke, where all of their happy endings were stolen and they had no memory of their former selves. With the epic battle for the future of all worlds about to begin, audiences will get glimpses of darkness and wonder, as the magic of the most beloved fairytales is brought to life.

During a recent interview to promote the series, Adam Horowitz talked about how this idea really started over eight years ago when he and Edward Kitsis were trying to figure out what they love about storytelling, that coming off of Lost made them want to challenge themselves as writers, how they were able to get everyone for the cast that they wanted, how this will be a character show at its heart with mysteries that come out of that, that they feel Snow White is ground zero for fairy tales, and how they’ve put their feature film work aside to focus completely on this show...

... Question: What started this project for you? Where did the idea come from?

ADAM HOROWITZ: "The idea for the show really started over eight years ago, when Eddie [Kitsis] and I had just come off of working on Felicity. The seed of it was that we were trying to figure out what it is about storytelling that we really love, and what we love is the mystery and excitement of exploring lots of different worlds. Fairy tales clicked with us because they were so much in the DNA of what made us storytellers, to begin with. If we can go between two different worlds and see two different sides of these characters, for us, as writers, that was a new way to explore characters and what makes them tick, and come at them from different angles. What you always want, as a writer, is to find different ways to explore the characters, and that’s what got us excited about this idea..."

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