Friday, September 16, 2011

Sanctuary - The Morton Report: On the Set with Damian Kindler

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Sanctuary Oct 7

SANCTUARY - THE MORTON REPORT: On the Set of Sanctuary With Creator, Writer, Producer and Director Damian Kindler

We talk to one of Hollywood's most experienced TV writers about his new adventures behind the camera.

By Michael Simpson
September 16, 2011

Sanctuary has come a long way since it debuted as an eight-part web series in May 2005. The science fiction show, which stars Stargate alumnus Amanda Tapping, successfully made the leap to television and has gone on to secure four seasons. The third was released on DVD and Blu-ray in North America this week and the fourth debuts on Syfy in the United States and SPACE in Canada on October 7.

I caught up with Sanctuary creator, writer and executive producer Damian Kindler on set recently during the final days of filming Season 4. He was in a position that just a few years ago he told me he saw himself occupying only in nightmares: The director's chair...


... Q: How would you say that the show has evolved in the four years that it has been on air?

Damian Kindler: "I think it's looser, I think it's funnier; I think it takes more chances willingly. I think it's really quite focused on the characters. We rarely, rarely center stories on guest stars. It's definitely evolved. Our guest cast or recurring cast have really grown and have been brilliant. Jonathon Young, Ian Tracey, now this year Brian Markinson, they've all been wonderful. Pascale Hutton. We've really been able to grow more stories organically out of having people who really fit the world of Sanctuary and join us again and again. So we kind of have a deeper and more colorful palette to work with..."

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