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Merlin - SFX Magazine: Bradley James Interview

Source: SFX Magazine [follow link for complete interview]

Merlin 2

MERLIN - SFX MAGAZINE: Bradley James Interview

by Dave Golder
September 15 2011

There’s a big Merlin set visit feature in the next issue of SFX, but not all of the interview quotes made it in there. So they’re here instead...

SFX goes on the set of Merlin in issue 214 (out on 21 September) and the visit includes interviews with Bradley James (Arthur), Colin Morgan (Merlin), Katie McGrath (Morgana) and no less than three of the Knights of the Round Table. But not all the quotes fitted into the feature, so here’s an extended version of our chat with Bradley James...


... SFX: Katie McGrath (Morgana) was mentioning that there’s a lot of testosterone floating round the set this year… what with all the Knights.

Bradley James: “[Laughs] There’s a lot of camaraderie now, a lot of banter between the knights. Off-set there’s been a fantastic sort of lads’ atmosphere. Without making it sound like we’re all on a lads’ holiday it’s great to have a bunch of guys that you can hang out with every day. I’d say it hasn’t affected the relationship between Arthur and Merlin too much. They’re still friends, without saying it. If anything, it’s maybe taken some attention away from Merlin. Sir Gwaine, he gets quite a bit of a ribbing now instead of Merlin. He gets the flack; we’ve cut Merlin some slack. Hey, that sounds like I had it prepared.

“Having the knights round has been fantastic, because of the social aspects. Having your friends with you. I’ve got a group of mates who are on set with me now. You’re hanging out with your mates. There are lots of laughs.

“Katie and I haven’t had any scenes together so far. When Arthur and Morgana do meet up, you can imagine there will be fireworks. Guinevere doesn’t tend to go out on the razz with the lads as much as maybe she’d like. I’m not too sure. It’s a bit of a boys’ group. I think if you had a girl to look after it wouldn’t be as much fun...

Merlin season four will air in 2010 on Syfy in the US.

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