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Amanda Tapping - Sanctuary: Tapping Tuesday Twitter Recap Aug 2 '11

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Sanctuary 4

Sanctuary season four premieres on Syfy in October 2011.

AMANDA TAPPING - SANCTUARY: Tapping Tuesday Twitter Recap Aug 2 '11

#TappingTuesday questions! Here we go...


Q1 a - Sylvia Jahans - Hello Amanda, my question is, are you all allowed to adlib if any of you forget your lines...
Q1 b - ...& do you get to keep them in the show if it's good? Thank you Amanda, I love your Sanctuary show so much & never miss an episode..
Q1 c - ...You & your team do a great job, please keep them coming!! Looking out for season 4.xo.

A1 - Hi and thank you! Yes we adlib a bit and it often makes it into the show. Usually funny or cheeky lines.


Q2 - Alex Nait - Hi Amanda! Do you think Magnus sings in the shower? What do you think she sings? xx Thanks!

A2 - Gosh I hope so. Pretty sure she's a Beatles girl.


Q3 - Christina Lilleland - Hi!!! In my family we love to cook & bake. Do you? Which do you prefer? What's your favorite thing to make?

A3 a - I love both! Olivia and I make a lot of cookies and cupcakes. And I like to cook anything! Soups and Thai stir fries...
A3 b - ...Plus I make a mean Xmas dinner.


Q4 - @Milkoneesugar - im starting a new job soon. What was your first job and have you got any advice?

A4 - I was the cashier at a fruit and vegetable market. Advice? Smile and nod. Smile and nod.


Q5 - @puffandruffle You've talked about what it's like to work with Chris and Jonathan - was wondering what Peter [Wingfield] is like to work with. Thx!

A5 - Peter is so nice. So unassuming. He is lovely, mischievous and has a wonderful laugh.


Q6 - @Peany_C - Hi! I once saw a Star Wars play at the Theater..Do U think SG1 or Sanctuary could be adapted as plays?

A6 - Absolutely. That would be awesome. And weird. But still awesome. :)


Thank you everyone! Hope you all have a great week! xo A

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