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Stargate Universe - TV Squad: David Blue & Brad Wright on the Finale & Future of 'Stargate'

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STARGATE UNIVERSE - TV SQUAD: David Blue & Brad Wright on the Finale & Future of 'Stargate'

by Mike Moody, posted May 9th 2011

It's a sad day for 'Stargate' fandom. After only two seasons, the third series from the sci-fi franchise, 'Stargate Universe,' is coming to an end.

The cancellation of 'SGU' leaves the TV landscape without a 'Stargate' show for the first time in 14 years. The series finale, titled 'Gauntlet,' airs tonight (Mon., May 9, 9PM ET on Syfy).

'SGU' experienced a creative upswing in its second season, but the show fell victim to low ratings following Syfy's decision to move it from Fridays (AKA, nerd TV night) to Tuesdays last October.

Still, it's hard to pin down exactly what led to the show's cancellation. Perhaps a better timeslot, a more profitable year for cash-strapped studio MGM, or a more patient audience could've saved the moody, ultra-serialized 'SGU' from the chopping block.

But there's still one more hour of spacefaring fun to be had with Eli, Rush and the rest of the Destiny crew before 'SGU' flies off our TV screens forever.

Tonight's series finale ends on what could be described as a cliffhanger, but the episode offers an appropriate sense of finality while also staying true to the show's spirit of exploration (both personal and the "final frontier" kind).

'SGU' co-creator Brad Wright and star David Blue chatted with AOL TV recently about the series finale, the cancellation and about that rumored 'Stargate' TV movie...


... Is this really the end of 'Stargate'?

The show's cancellation and the death of the movie project still stings for both Wright and Blue. For Wright, the end of the show also means the end of a 14-year career as a writer and producer of 'Stargate.'

"I feel proud," Wright said about the 14 years and 17 seasons of 'Stargate' he's leaving behind. "But I'd by lying if I didn't say it's a shame 'SGU' was canceled. It deserved at least a final season, and where we were going with the story was very cool.

"Shepherding the final episodes through the post-production process, sitting in mixes, etc, I kept thinking to myself This show got canceled? But business is business. And as I said to our crewmembers as we said our final goodbyes recently, 'Time to start typing something else.'"

... Blue said that the future held big things for the Destiny crew, especially for Eli, whose personal journey was arguably the heart of the show.

"Would I prefer we were doing more seasons or a few movies? Hell yes!," said Blue.

"But I hope people will continue to watch it. I hope that, a few years down the line, somebody will tell me they just discovered the DVD and they fell in love with the show," he continued.

"I think we told some cool stories. I think we really existed in the 'Stargate' world. And, with the way things end up [in the series finale], I really feel like it's going to continue in the hearts and imaginations of the fans."


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