Monday, May 9, 2011

Stargate Universe - SciFi Pulse Now: Patrick Gilmore Audio Interview

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STARGATE UNIVERSE - SCIFI PULSE NOW: Patrick Gilmore Audio Interview

SFP-NOW Episode 17

For episode 17 Wayne Hall steps through the Stargate and does a fantastic job of interviewing Patrick Gilmore, who is best known to fans of Stargate Universe as Dr. Dale Volker. During the interview Gilmore discusses his role in SGU and also talks a little about his role in the hit web series Riese among many other things.

This Week In Television sees Wayne and I very briefly discuss the last episode of Doctor Who, which concluded the two part season opener, and we also discuss the last couple of episodes of Supernatural, which saw the return of Crowley. This Week In Comics saw us joined again by Gianluca Glaser, who gave Wayne and I the low down on future comics, which led to a great discussion about the recent controversy surrounding issue 900 of Action Comics, which sadly overshadowed a fantastic conclusion to The Black Ring storyline by Paul Cornell.

So why note join us as we trip on through the ever changing worlds of science fiction and fantasy in comics, television and movies.



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