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Stargate Universe - CinemaSpy: Louis Ferreira Interview

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CINEMASPY: How Louis Ferreira Found Light in Stargate Universe’s Dark Places

By Michael Simpson, May 9, 2011

This is the second of CinemaSpy’s previously unpublished interviews with members of the cast of SGU: Stargate Universe. We are bringing them to you to mark the final episode of the series and to celebrate the franchise of which it is a part. The season, series and franchise finale, titled ‘Blockade,’ airs Monday at 9/8c on Syfy in the United States and on Tuesday at 10 pm on Canada’s SPACE Channel. Stargate Universe was effectively canceled by Syfy in December 2010, leading to the end of production on Stargate, which has aired continuously since the premiere of Stargate SG-1 in 1997.


... Q: How else is this show different form the others that you’ve worked on?

Louis Ferreira: "I chose after 25 years with a career to change my name to my legal name. This is the first time I’m credited under my legal name so that has a great significance for me. Part of that was just where I was in my life having lost my mom, having been a father, all those things. But it also represented a new beginning for me. And people were like, “What are you doing. You’ve got a great career and your name and you’re brand?” It’s kind of the way I see things. I don’t connect to that. There is no ego. There is no brand. I won’t ever believe in that. I’ll always be the kid who grew up on welfare with his mother in my mind and that’s a way of humbling me out, if anything. I think that the acting process, as much as it is an art on many levels, there’s so many factors and all of that is out of your control. You’re just some guy trying to get a job. It’s a hell of a risky profession to choose because brilliant actors don’t work all the time and then you get people who are personalities not necessarily [actors]. I mean, there’s no rhyme or reason. So I wasn’t about to get attached to a stage name. And it was just time for me to change it. So that’s also a huge part of my journey..."

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