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Star Trek Enterprise - Syfy (US) - Season Four Marathon Mar 29 '11

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Enterprise 2

STAR TREK ENTERPRISE - SYFY (US): Season Four Marathon Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cast includes Scott Bakula, John Billingsley, Jolene Blalock, Dominic Keating, Anthony Montgomery, Linda Park and Connor Trinneer.

08:00 AM Daedelus

Emory Erickson (Bill Cobbs)---the inventor of the transporter---enlists Archer's help in a daring experiment, but a crew member's death forces him to reveal the real purpose of his test.

Guest stars include Bill Cobbs, Leslie Silva, Donovan C. Knowles and Noel Manzano.

09:00 AM Observer Effect

Curious aliens inhabit various members of the crew to observe aspects of humanity; and Phlox works feverishly to cure a lethal virus contracted by Trip and Hoshi during an away mission.

10:00 AM Affliction - Pt 1

As Trip prepares the Columbia, Enterprise's sister vessel, for its maiden voyage, Phlox is shanghaied by alien kidnappers, who require his skills to kill a mutated virus.

Guest stars include John Schuck, James Avery, Ada Maris, Eric Pierpoint, Terrell Tilford and Seth MacFarlane.

11:00 AM Divergence - Pt 2

Trip rejoins the Enterprise crew on a desperate mission to rejuvenate the ship's warp drive, while Antaak cajoles Phlox into helping destroy a plague that's ravaging the Klingons.

Guest stars include Kristin Bauer, James Avery, John Schuck, Terrell Tilford, Eric Pierpoint and Ada Maris.

12:00 PM Bound

To seal a pact, an Orion pirate persuades Archer to accept a gift of three slave women. But the captain's good-faith gesture has bad results when the trio wreaks havoc within the ship.

Guest stars include William Lucking, Cyia Batten, Derek Magyar, Crystal Allen and Menina Fortunato.

01:00 PM In A Mirror, Darkly - Pt 1

Cdr. Archer of the Terran Empire Enterprise sparks a mutiny to investigate an anomaly in Tholian space in this alternate-universe tale inspired by the “Star Trek” episodes “Mirror, Mirror” and “The Tholian Web.”

Guest stars include Vaughn Armstrong, Franc Ross and Caroline Bielskis.

02:00 PM In A Mirror, Darkly - Pt 2

After taking over the Defiant, the alternate-universe Archer plans to use its advanced weaponry to put down a rebellion against the Empire. But first, he has to rid the ship of a deadly stowaway (Pat Healy).

Guest stars include Gary Graham, Gregory Itzin, John Mahon, Derek Magyar and Pat Healy.

03:00 PM Demons - Pt 1

Earth's plans to establish an interplanetary coalition are menaced by a fanatical xenophobe (Peter Weller) who leads an underground isolationist movement plotting against the government.

Guest stars include Harry Groener, Eric Pierpoint, Peter Mensah, Patrick Fischler, Adam Clark and Tom Bergeron.

04:00 PM Terra Prime - Pt 2

Determined to scorch San Francisco if Earth refuses to abolish a proposed interplanetary alliance, Paxton (Peter Weller) blackmails Trip into modifying a doomsday weapon; while Archer and a handpicked team attempt to infiltrate Terra Prime's Mars headquarters. Elsewhere, the origin of Trip and T'Pol's child is revealed; and Hoshi takes command of Enterprise as a traitor lurks within the crew.

Guest stars include Harry Groener, Gary Graham, Eric Pierpoint, Adam Clark, Peter Mensah, Joel Swetow and Peter Weller.

06:00 PM These Are The Voyages

In the series finale, Cdr. Riker (Jonathan Frakes) interacts with Archer's crew in a hologram of their final mission as Riker deals with a dark secret from his past. During that last voyage, Archer agrees to help an old ally retrieve his daughter as the captain prepares a speech to celebrate the establishment of the Federation.

Guest stars include Jeffrey Combs, Jonathan Schmock, Marina Sirtis, Jonathan Frakes and Solomon Burke Jr.

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