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Amanda Tapping - Sanctuary - Syfy (US): Season 1 Marathon Mar 31 '11

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Sanctuary April

NOTE: New Sanctuary episodes resume on Syfy (US) April 2011!

SANCTUARY - SYFY (US): Season 1 Marathon Thursday, March 31, 2011


Mar 31 08:30 AM Sanctuary For All - Two Hour Episode - Series Pilot

A forensic psychiatrist follows the trail of an unusual boy who fled from a crime scene, and encounters a doctor with a unique proposition in the series opener.

Guest stars include Kavan Smith, Kandyse McClure, Cainan Wiebe, Peter Shinkoda, Chuck Campbell, Kirsten Robek and Michael Adamthwaite.


Mar 31 10:30 AM Folding Man

A probe of strange robberies leads Helen and Will to a ring of unusual criminals.

Guest stars include Peter Outerbridge, Alex Zahara, Mackenzie Gray, Matthew Walker and David Richmond-Peck.


Mar 31 11:30 AM Kush

Helen and Will are marooned after their plane crashes on a return flight from the Himalayas.

Guest stars include Sarah Strange, Panou, Adrien Dorval, Thai-Hoa Le, David Nykl, Alison Araya and Kirsten Robek.


Mar 31 12:30 PM Nubbins

Cute creatures cause trouble for the team, and repressed attractions manifest as a result. Meanwhile, Magnus must perform an autopsy on a grandfather who believed he was an abnormal.

Guest stars include Katharine Isabelle.


Mar 31 01:30 PM The Five

Magnus goes to Rome to attend a secret meeting of abnormals, and learns from an old colleague that a dangerous organization is tracking her. Meanwhile, Will probes disturbing matters at the Sanctuary.

Guest stars include Jonathon Young, Chuck Campbell and Peter Bryant.


Mar 31 02:30 PM Requiem

An underwater mission goes awry for Magnus and Will when their submarine encounters trouble in the Bermuda Triangle.


Mar 31 03:30 PM Warriors

Will tracks a missing friend from his college days, and uncovers a secret fight club where the combatants battle to the death.

Guest stars include Alex Diakun, Byron Lawson, Jim Byrnes, Lynda Boyd, Daryl Shuttleworth and Rukiya Bernard.

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