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The Twilight Zone ('95) - Chiller TV: Marathon Schedule Jul 5 '13

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09:00 AM Memories

A hypnotist enters a world in which people can remember their previous lives.

Cast includes Barbara Stock, Nigel Bennett, James Kidnie, Judy Sinclair and Deidre Flanagan.

09:30 AM The Call

A lonely man (William Sanderson) dials a wrong number and is drawn into a relationship.

Cast includes William Sanderson, Dan Redican, Julie Khaner, Jill Frappier, Djanet Sears and Ian Nothnagel.

10:00 AM 20/20 Vision

Broken glasses gives a bank loan officer a destiny changing clarity of vision.

Cast includes Michael Moriarty, David Hemblen, Cynthia Belliveau, Grant Roll, Diane Douglass, Evelyn Kaye and Calum McGeachie.

10:30 AM Our Selena Is Dying

A doctor (R.H. Thomson) is puzzled by an elderly woman's (Jennifer Dale) sudden youthfulness.

Cast includes Terri Garber, Jennifer Dale, Charmion King, R.H. Thomson, Alleen Taylor-Smith, Paul Bettis and Patricia Idlette.

11:00 AM The Cold Equations - * Excellent Episode! *

A teenage stowaway (Christianne Hirt) faces cruel consequences after she is discovered on a spaceship bound for a distant planet.

Cast includes Terence Knox, Christianne Hirt, Barclay Hope, Michael J. Reynolds and Nicky Guadagni.

11:30 AM The Trance

A man (Peter Scolari) who pretends he can channel an ancient spirit has a rude awakening.

Cast includes Peter Scolari, Neil Munro, Ted Simonett, Hrant Alianak, Jeanne Beker, Glynis Davies and Mona Matteo.

12:00 PM Acts of Terror

A woman (Melanie Mayron) finds solace from her abusive husband in a fragile gift.

Cast includes Melanie Mayron, Kate Lynch, Lee J. Campbell, Kenneth Welsh, Trevor Bain and James Barron.

12:30 PM There Was an Old Woman

About a children's author (Colleen Dewhurst) who feels her stories are no longer appreciated.

Cast includes Colleen Dewhurst, Maria Ricossa, Alf Humphreys, Zachary Bennett, David Hughes, Mairlyn Smith, Karl Pruner and Ferne Downey.

01:00 PM Stranger in Possum Meadow

A boy is befriended by a surveyor (Steve Kanaly) he meets in the woods.

Cast includes Steve Kanaly, Laura Press and Benjamin Barrett.

01:30 PM Appointment on Route 17

A real-estate developer (Paul Le Mat) who underwent a heart transplant finds his personality altered.

Cast includes Paul Le Mat, Marianna Pascal, Rosemary Dunsmore, Christopher Bondy, Lori Hallier, Tannis Burnett and Lucinda Nielsen.

02:00 PM Streets of Shadows

An unemployed father (Charles Haid) chooses dangerous means to provide for his family, but realizes his gain may not be worth the cost.

Cast includes Charles Haid, Angie Gei, Reiner Schwartz, Shawn Lawrence, James Mainprize, Marla Lukofsky, Lisa Jakub and Philip Williams.

02:30 PM A Game of Pool

A hustler's dream of playing the world's best pool player comes true, but he must play for the highest stakes---his life.

Cast includes Caprica's Esai Morales, Maury Chaykin, Paul Coeur, Guy Sanvido and Elliot McIver.

[NOTE: The original version of this episode, with Jonathan Winters and Jack Klugman, airs Thur., Jul 4 at 11:30AM on Syfy.]

03:00 PM The Wall

A pilot (John Beck) is sent to discover what lies beyond “The Wall,” an entrance to a world where others entered and never returned. Once inside he knows why.

Cast includes John Beck, Patricia Collins, George R. Robertson, Eugene Clark, Robert Collins, Sharon Corder, Jack Blum and Steve Atkinson.

03:30 PM Father and Son Game

An elderly businessman (Ed Marinaro) recaptures his youth through surgery, but loses his son, who is convinced his father is dead.

Cast includes Ed Marinaro, Eugene Robert Glazer, Patricia Phillips, George Touliatos, Richard Monette and Mark Melymick.

04:00 PM Room 2426

A physicist (Dean Stockwell) is tortured and imprisoned by a futuristic state for not divulging the location of his notebooks containing valuable theories.

Cast includes Dean Stockwell, Brent Carver, Peter Boretski, Walter Massey, Nicholas Pasco and Al Therrien.

04:30 PM The Mind of Simon Foster

Simon Foster (Bruce Weitz) has a fear of a penniless future. But, when he enters a pawnshop that buys memories, his future may be all he has left. Written by J. Michael Straczynski (Babylon 5).

Cast includes Bruce Weitz, Géza Kovács, Ilse von Glatz, Rafe Macpherson, Reg Dreger, Jennifer Griffin and Alyson Court.

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