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The Outer Limits ('95) - Chiller TV: Weekly Schedule Jul 1 '13

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Outer Limits 1995


July 1 6:00 AM Ripper

While a serial killer dubbed Jack the Ripper terrorizes Victorian London, a disgraced doctor (Cary Elwes) is targeted as a possible suspect in the murders. But he claims that the murders are being perpetuated by an alien force. Directed by Mario Azzopardi.

Cast includes Cary Elwes, Clare Sims, Eliza Murbach, Robert Saunders, France Nuyen, Frances Fisher, David Warner, Deni DeLory, Marnie Alton, Colin Skinner, Scott Elam, Mary Ann Skoll and Jim Boardman.

July 1 7:00 AM The Shroud

A secret religious order uses an unsuspecting woman for an experiment in which she is injected with an embryo containing DNA from the Shroud of Turin.

Cast includes Samantha Mathis, Robert Wisden, Sara Botsford, Nathaniel DeVeaux, David Ogden Stiers, John Innes, Jennifer Sterling, Ben Eberhard and Luc Corbeil.

July 2 6:00 AM Small Friends

An inventor, jailed for murder, is double-crossed by the other inmates who learn of his secret invention.

Cast includes Ralph Waite, Richard Yearwood, Ingrid Torrance, Andrew Johnston, Roddy Piper, Joel Palmer, Dean Wray, Tim Progosh, Bill Croft, Gerry Rousseau and Michasha Armstrong.

July 2 7:00 AM The Star Crossed * Excellent Episode! *

A cynical cafe owner must decide whether to help a former lover in the rebellion against alien invaders. Directed by Helen Shaver.

Cast includes Angeline Ball, Castle's Nathan Fillion, Motive's Louis Ferreira, Robbi Chong, Natasha Vasiluk, Zoran Vukelic, Derek de Lint, Jim Shield, Ian Marsh, Ian Brown and Stuart O'Connell.

July 3 6:00 AM Stranded

A boy finds a father figure in a stranded alien.

Cast includes Adam Hann-Byrd, Chris Potter, Lynda Boyd, Myles Ferguson, Daniel Hugh Kelly, David Koff, Will Sanderson and Daniella Evangelista.

July 3 7:00 AM Summit

Doomsday is imminent when two trading factions representing Earth inhabitants and the genetically engineered humanoids on the planet Dregocia fail in their efforts to negotiate a peace plan. It's up to a senior Earth official (Marcia Cross) to use her diplomatic skills to avert total destruction.

Cast includes Marcia Cross, Michael Ironside, Andrew Airlie, Jonathan Walker, Kevin Conway, John Spencer, Eric Schneider, Dave Adams, Campbell Lane, Darryl Scheelar and Matthew Prior.

July 5 6:00 AM Judgment Day

A convicted killer proclaims his innocence, but must avoid the efforts of his alleged victim's sister to take revenge on him.

Cast includes Chris Elliott, Ian Tracey, Nicole Oliver, Kevin McNulty, Vincent Gale, Molly Ringwald, Stargate Universe's Peter Kelamis, Judith Maxie, Louis Chirillo, Jennifer Sterling, Colin Foo and Tony Alcantar.

July 5 7:00 AM The Gun

A weapon that, when used, turns its possessor into a killer, is introduced to a small town by a stranger.

Cast includes Stacy Keach, Nancy Sorel, Christian Bocher, Eric Schneider, Devin Douglas Drewitz, Stephen Dimopoulos, John de Lancie, Bob Dawson, Linnea Sharples, Brock Johnson, Greg Anderson, Christina Jastrzembska, Nels Lennarson and Marcel Maillard.

July 6 3:00 AM Judgment Day
July 6 4:00 AM The Gun

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