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Lost Girl - Syfy: August 2013 Encore Schedule

Source: Syfy schedulebot [NOTE: Syfy schedule subject to change(s)]

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Lost Girl Season 4 is coming to Syfy in 2014.

Lost Girl cast includes Anna Silk, Kris Holden-Ried, Ksenia Solo, Zoie Palmer, Rick Howland and K.C. Collins.



Aug 03 02:00 AM Midnight Lamp

Bo (Anna Silk) accepts the Ash's (Vincent Walsh) proposal and acquires an unlikely partner.

Guest stars include Vincent Walsh, Lina Roessler, Anthony Lemke, Kate Trotter, Motive's Lauren Holly and Ryan Cooley.


Aug 03 03:00 AM Table For Fae

Bo (Anna Silk) investigates the disappearance of human backpackers and finds something that threatens her physique; Bo's new man sets things in motion that prompt Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) to make a desperate choice.

Guest stars include Warehouse 13's Aaron Ashmore, Anthony Lemke, Emmanuelle Vaugier, Warehouse 13's Genelle Williams, David Richmond-Peck, Kyle Buchanan, Kyle Labine, Lyndie Greenwood, Richard Blackburn, Lauren Bullivant, Katherine Barrell and Tammy Gillis.


Aug 03 04:00 AM School's Out

Bo (Anna Silk) poses as a teacher to investigate a mysterious case, and Lauren (Zoie Palmer) returns from her vacation.

Guest stars include Anthony Lemke, Low Winter Sun's Athena Karkanis, Steven Yaffee, Sterling Jarvis, Andrew Jackson, Allana Harkin, Victoria Adilman, Samantha Munro, Sasha Clements and Shamier Anderson.


Aug 10 03:00 AM The Girl Who Fae'd With Fire

Bo (Anna Silk) becomes entangled in Fae politics while she tries to save some important people; Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) does Hale (K.C. Collins) a favor.

Guest stars include Warehouse 13's Aaron Ashmore, Vincent Walsh, Low Winter Sun's Athena Karkanis, Sean Cullen, Erica Luttrell (Stargate Atlantis's Rachel Luttrell's sister), Eugene Clark, Samantha Madely, Paul Fauteux, Clive Walton, Damon Redfern and Katie Bergin.


Aug 10 04:00 AM Fae-nted Love

Trick (Rick Howland) and Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) try to save Bo (Anna Silk) from the fallout of a steamy night gone wrong; Bo asks Trick uncomfortable questions about her origins.

Guest stars include Vincent Walsh, Anthony Lemke, Oliver Becker, Richard Clarkin, James Cade, Robin Brûlé, Kathleen Laskey and Rick Braggins.


Aug 10 05:00 AM Truth And Consequences

Bo (Anna Silk) faces a very powerful Fae; warfare brings casualties and challenges Bo's and Kenzi's (Ksenia Solo) resolve.

Guest stars include Vincent Walsh, Warehouse 13's Aaron Ashmore, Ingrid Kavelaars, Low Winter Sun's Athena Karkanis and Courtney-Jane White.


Aug 17 03:30 AM Lachlan's Gambit

The Ash (Vincent Walsh) reacts to the threat facing him, and Bo (Anna Silk) makes a life-threatening choice as those close to her suffer terrible injuries.

Guest stars include Vincent Walsh, Raoul Trujillo, Lina Roessler, Greg Bryk and Martin Julien.


Aug 17 04:30 AM Into The Dark

Bo (Anna Silk) learns Trick's (Rick Howland) deepest secret; Bo aligns herself with a sworn enemy as a battle looms that could decide the fate of the Fae.

Guest stars include Kate Trotter, Paul Amos, Emmanuelle Vaugier, Lina Roessler, Hayley Nault, Billy MacLellan, Deborah Odell and Jon Cor.


Aug 24 02:00 AM Flesh And Blood

Concerned that Bo’s (Anna Silk) plan is too risky, Trick (Rick Howland) offers Bo one more weapon for her own, and everyone else’s, safety. Bo must lead her friends into battle ahead of schedule when her hand is forced by their enemy. A revelation from Dyson (Kris Holden-Ried) provides Bo with ammunition, but another’s deceit threatens the mission. Prophecies come true… but at what cost?

Guest stars include Paul Amos, Raoul Trujillo, Erica Luttrell (Stargate Atlantis' Rachel Luttrell's sister), Alisen Down and Martin Julien.



Aug 24 03:00 AM Caged Fae

Bo (Anna Silk) decides to do a favor for Lauren (Zoie Palmer), even though it means risking her freedom, but she doesn't realize she will have to do it "au naturel"; Ash is revealed; Bo's shocking appetites suggest that she hasn't quite recovered from her previous battle.

Guest stars include Paul Amos, Angela Besharah, Matt Burkhart, Shondra Kayd, Tommie-Amber Pirie and David Richmond-Peck.


Aug 24 04:00 AM Subterrfaenean

Dyson's (Kris Holden-Ried) new partner could mean trouble for Bo (Anna Silk), who can't shake a feeling of darkness as she follows Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) underground to help her pal search for a missing childhood friend.

Guest stars include Daniel DeSanto and Michael Worthman.


Aug 31 04:00 AM Confaegion

Bo's (Anna Silk) houseguest Vex (Paul Amos) unwittingly brings trouble to her doorstep when a Morrigan shows up looking for vengeance; and it's up to humans Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) and Lauren (Zoie Palmer) to swoop in and save the day for their Fae friends.

Guest stars include Paul Amos and Emmanuelle Vaugier.

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