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Continuum - SciFi and TV Talk: Creator Simon Barry Interview

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SCIFI AND TV TALK: Simon Says: Interview with Continuum's Simon Barry

by Steve Eramo

Change the past, change the future – that is the self-appointed mission of a group of convicted terrorists who, in the hit Sci-Fi TV show Continuum, manage to escape death row in 2077 Vancouver and travel back in time to 2012. The group, called Liber8, want to stop powerful and influential corporations from eventually taking over and running the world. Unfortunately for them, a CPS (City Protective Services) officer, Kiera Cameron, inadvertently came along for the ride to 2012 and her goal is to prevent Liber8 from successfully carrying out its plan.

In the show’s first season, Kiera, with the help of the local police force, including Detective Carlos Fonnegra, and a teenager, Alec Sadler, who knows a thing or two about computers, was able to stay one step ahead of Liber8. Their efforts were not, however, always successful. In the season one finale, the terrorists struck a crippling blow to the city, forcing Kiera to change her tactics as to how she deals with Liber8. It then fell to the talented minds of Continuum creator/executive producer Simon Barry and his writing team to bring that story to life for season two.

When the writers and I were ‘breaking’ season two, we had to decide on the direction that we were going thematically with the series,” recalls Barry. “We wanted episode one of season two to reflect many of the themes that we would be tracking. The one thing we all agreed on was the idea that control, power and manipulation were the payoff of sorts for knowledge of the future as well as the ability to control time travel and things of that nature.

Because of this, all the characters in the show would in a way be operating from a place where they could somehow take control of their own lives along with the situation, whether that be Kiera [Rachel Nichols], Alec [Erik Knudsen], the police or Liber8. So within our story, we wanted to kind of plug in these subtle reminders that that was the direction we were heading in when it came to the second season..."

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