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Pushing Daisies - Chiller TV: Marathon Schedule May 12 '13

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From creator Bryan Fuller, Pushing Daisies is the story of Ned (Lee Pace), a gifted pie-maker who has the ability to bring the dead back to life with a touch. However, there's a catch - for every life he brings back, something in the vicinity of "similar value" must drop dead to maintain balance and order.

Ned's childhood sweetheart, Charlotte "Chuck" Charles (Anna Friel) is keenly aware of Ned's talent, having had her life forever altered by it. "Chuck" lives with her two, agoraphobic and eccentric aunts, Vivian (Ellen Greene) and Lily (Swoosie Kurtz). Also in Ned's world is his friend and employee, Olive (Kristen Chenoweth), who runs Ned's restaurant "The Pie Hole."

Into this comes private investigator Emerson Cod (Chi McBride). Emerson discovers Ned's ability and offers him a deal: If Ned uses his ability to help solve mysteries, Emerson will split the profits from that with Ned. With his restaurant on the brink of fiancial collapse, Ned agrees. And that's where things get really interesting...

07:00 AM Pie-lette - Pilot Episode!

Ned (Lee Pace) learns he has the ability to bring the dead back to life. After reviving his deceased childhood sweetheart (Anna Friel), he attempts to solve her murder with the help of a retired cop named Emerson (Chi McBride).

Guest stars include Patrick Breen, Ed Brigadier, Field Cate, Murray Gershenz, Tina Gloss, Sammi Hanratty, Sy Richardson, David Trice, Julie Wittner and Jeff Wolfe.

08:00 AM Dummy

Ned (Lee Pace) suspects foul play when an automotive expert dies in a mysterious traffic accident. Meanwhile, Chuck (Anna Friel) presses Ned about how he revived her.

Guest stars include Patrick Fabian, Riki Lindhome, Jonathan Mangum, Omar Avila, Matt Braunger, Field Cate, Taji Coleman and Sy Richardson.

09:00 AM The Fun In Funeral

Ned (Lee Pace) looks into a mysterious death at the Schatz Funeral Home. Meanwhile, Chuck (Anna Friel) concocts a plan to invigorate her aunts, Lily (Swoosie Kurtz) and Vivian (Ellen Greene).

Guest stars include Raúl Esparza, Brad Grunberg, Eddie Shin, Field Cate and Sy Richardson.

10:00 AM Pigeon

A plane crashes into an apartment building, leading Ned and Emerson (Lee Pace, Chi McBride) to investigate whether the pilot meant to take the flight down. Meanwhile, Chuck (Anna Friel) finds herself drawn to the sole survivor, and Olive (Kristen Chenoweth) cares for an injured messenger pigeon.

Guest stars include Dash Mihok, Jayma Mays, E.J. Callahan, Field Cate, Sy Richardson, Vince Cefalu, Pamela Kosh and Karly Rothenberg.

11:00 AM Girth

Jockeys are dying in mysterious trampling incidents, so Ned, Chuck and Emerson (Lee Pace, Anna Friel, Chi McBride) decide to investigate. Meanwhile, Ned deals with difficult Halloween memories.

Guest stars include Carlos Alazraqui, Barbara Barrie, Ralph P. Martin, Christopher Neiman, Hamish Linklater, Field Cate and Jon Eric Price.

12:00 PM Bitches

Ned, Chuck and Emerson (Lee Pace, Anna Friel, Chi McBride) investigate the murder of a dog breeder who was also a polygamist.

Guest stars include Christine Adams, Mark Harelik, Lydia Look, Jessica Lundy, Joel McHale, Jenny Wade, Field Cate, Sammi Hanratty and Sy Richardson.

01:00 PM Smell Of Success

When the assistant to scent expert Napoleon LeNez (Paul Reubens) is killed in a scratch-and-sniff-book explosion, Ned, Chuck and Emerson (Lee Pace, Anna Friel, Chi McBride) detect the aroma of foul play.

Guest stars include Paul Reubens, Field Cate, Tim Conlon, Sarah Jayne Jensen and Christopher Sieber.

02:00 PM Bitter Sweets

Molly Shannon guest stars as a mischievous taffy-shop owner bent on driving the Pie Hole out of business.

Guest stars include Molly Shannon, Field Cate, Michael Cornacchia, Raúl Esparza, Steve Hytner, Mike White, Tara Donato, Nicholas Khayyat, Abbe Meryl, Sy Richardson and Reginald Veneziano.

03:00 PM Corpsicle

Ned (Lee Pace) splits time between investigating the case of a frozen insurance adjuster and making amends with Chuck (Anna Friel). Meanwhile, scent expert Oscar Vibenius (Paul Reubens) returns to handle an aroma-related inquiry.

Guest stars include Paul Reubens, Grant Shaud, Julia Campbell, Field Cate, Colby Paul, Audrey Wasilewski, Sammi Hanratty, Jeff Marlow, Michael Merton, Jon Eric Price and Sy Richardson.

04:00 PM Bzzzzzzzzz!

In the second-season premiere, Chuck (Anna Friel) goes undercover to investigate the death of a spokesmodel (Autumn Reeser) for a honey-based cosmetics company. Meanwhile, Lily (Swoosie Kurtz) takes Olive (Kristen Chenoweth) to a nunnery to keep her from telling secrets.

Guest stars include Missi Pyle, French Stewart, Peter Cambor, Autumn Reeser, Diana Scarwid, Sy Richardson and Sammi Hanratty.

05:00 PM Circus, Circus

A hunt by Ned, Chuck and Emerson (Lee Pace, Anna Friel, Chi McBride) for a missing teen (Hayley McFarland) leads to a circus with a curiously high mortality rate. Meanwhile, a guilty Lily (Swoosie Kurtz) visits Olive (Kristen Chenoweth) at the nunnery.

Guest stars include Rachael Harris, Once Upon A Time's Lee Arenberg, Diana Scarwid, Googy Gress, Theo Alexander, Sy Richardson, Artie O'Daly, Nicole Greenwood, Loren Lazerine, Hayley McFarland, Mark Povinelli and Casey Weiant.

06:00 PM Bad Habits

Chuck, Emerson and Ned (Anna Friel, Chi McBride, Lee Pace) impersonate Vatican investigators when Olive (Kristen Chenoweth) suspects foul play at the convent in the death of a friend that was ruled a suicide.

Guest stars include Mo Collins, Graham McTavish, Diana Scarwid, Michael Hitchcock, Samantha Bailey and Mary K. DeVault.

07:00 PM Frescorts

A popular escort at a friend-for-hire outfit is killed, and the team suspects the murderer may have been his socially awkward roommate (David Arquette). Meanwhile, Emerson (Chi McBride) gets a surprise visit from his mother (Debra Mooney), who's also a private investigator.

Guest stars include David Arquette, Debra Mooney, Alexandra Barreto, Dana Davis, Hayes MacArthur, Phil Abrams, Amelia Borella, Heather Brooker, Colton Haynes, Joshua LeBar and J.R. Nutt.

08:00 PM Dim Sum Lose Some

Ned (Lee Pace) is shocked when a man (Stephen Root) shows up at the Pie Hole inquiring about Ned's father. Meanwhile, Emerson (Chi McBride) investigates a murder at a Chinese restaurant and has a reunion with Simone (Christine Adams).

Guest stars include Stephen Root, Christine Adams, Blake Kushi, Andrea Lui, Alex Miller, Graham Miller, Ping Wu, Chao Li Chi, Daeg Faerch and Mae Hi.

09:00 PM Oh Oh's Magic

A magician (Fred Willard) who has been a surrogate father to Ned's (Lee Pace) half brothers needs the pie maker's help with his act when his animal assistants are mysteriously dying. Meanwhile, Lily (Swoosie Kurtz) is wary of Dwight's (Stephen Root) intentions.

Guest stars include Fred Willard, Stephen Root, Paul F. Tompkins, Alex Miller, Graham Miller, Sy Richardson and Kerri Kenney.

10:00 PM Robbing Hood

When a millionaire is murdered, the prime suspects include a modern-day Robin Hood (Danny Comden) and the deceased's scheming, much younger widow (Jennifer Elise Cox). Meanwhile, Lily (Swoosie Kurtz) is repulsed by Dwight's (Stephen Root) courtship of an oblivious Vivian (Ellen Greene).

Guest stars include Shelley Berman, Danny Comden, Jennifer Elise Cox, Star Tre: Voyager's Ethan Phillips, Jamison Yang, Stephen Root and Nicholas Khayyat.

11:00 PM Pie-lette
12:00 AM Dummy
01:00 AM The Fun In Funeral
02:00 AM Pigeon
03:00 AM Girth
04:00 AM Bitches
05:00 AM Smell Of Success

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