Sunday, April 21, 2013

Zachary Levi - Remember Sunday - TV Guide: Sunday's Playlist Apr 21 '13 - ABC 9/8C

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TV GUIDE: The Weekend Playlist: Watergate Revisited, Hemlock Grove, TV Movie Deluge

Apr 19, 2013
by Matt Roush

... If it weren't for Hallmark Hall of Fame, now an occasional ABC franchise and a cloying shadow of its former self, the network TV-movie would be almost entirely extinct. If the latest installment, Remember Sunday (Sunday, 9/8c), is one of Hallmark's more enjoyable of recent vintage, that has much to do with the casting of two of TV's most adorable fan favorites: Chuck's Zachary Levi and Gilmore Girls' Alexis Bledel.

C'mon, how can you not root for a couple this cute? The high-concept rom-com set-up introduces Levi as a mensch who has lost his short-term memory — each day he starts anew, using post-it notes and recordings to get him up to speed — which complicates his attraction toward the dithery, cash-poor waitress with whom it's love at first sight (for him) every time they meet. I wouldn't say Remember Sunday is unforgettable, but it sure is sweet...


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