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The Twilight Zone ('95) - Chiller TV: Marathon Schedule Dec 10 '12

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09:00 AM The Wall

A pilot (John Beck) is sent to discover what lies beyond “The Wall,” an entrance to a world where others entered and never returned. Once inside he knows why.

Cast includes John Beck, Patricia Collins, George R. Robertson, Eugene Clark and Robert Collins.

09:30 AM Father And Son Game

An elderly businessman (Ed Marinaro) recaptures his youth through surgery, but loses his son, who is convinced his father is dead.

Cast includes Ed Marinaro, Eugene Robert Glazer, Patricia Phillips, George Touliatos, Richard Monette and Mark Melymick.

10:00 AM Room 2426

A physicist (Dean Stockwell) is tortured and imprisoned by a futuristic state for not divulging the location of his notebooks containing valuable theories.

Cast includes Dean Stockwell, Brent Carver, Peter Boretski and Walter Massey.

10:30 AM The Mind Of Simon Foster

The Mind of Simon Foster” has a fear of a penniless future. But, when he enters a pawnshop that buys memories, his future may be all he has left.

Cast includes Bruce Weitz, Géza Kovács, Ilse von Glatz, Jennifer Griffin and Alyson Court.

11:00 AM Something In The Walls

A woman (Deborah Raffin) seeks refuge from a world in which phantom faces peer at her.

Cast includes Deborah Raffin, Damir Andrei, Lally Cadeau and Douglas Carrigan.

11:30 AM Cat And Mouse

The romantic reveries of a timid woman (Pamela Bellwood) spring to life when a lithesome black cat appears at her door one evening.

Cast includes Pamela Bellwood, Page Fletcher, Gwynyth Walsh, John Blackwood and Peg Christopherson.

12:00 PM Rendezvous In A Dark Place

A widow (Janet Leigh), haunted by the thought of death, encounters an ominous presence.

Cast includes Janet Leigh, Stephen McHattie, Malcolm Stewart, Todd Duckworth and Lorne Cossette.

12:30 PM Many Many Monkeys

A nurse (Karen Valentine) discovers that the patients around her are losing their sight.

Cast includes Karen Valentine, Jackie Burroughs, Ken Pogue, Jan Filips, Norah Grant, Warren Van Evera and John Gardiner.

01:00 PM Love Is Blind

A trucker (Ben Murphy) who doubts his wife's fidelity meets a blind singer with insightful songs.

Cast includes Ben Murphy, Sneezy Waters, Steve Adams, Cindy Girling and John Novak.

01:30 PM Special Service

John Selig's (David Naughton) private life is watched by the public on cable television, and the ratings are great---until he finds the hidden cameras.

Cast includes David Naughton, Keith Knight, Elias Zarou, Susan Roman, Marlon McGann and Barbara Radecki.

02:00 PM Crazy As A Soup Sandwich

A thief (Wayne Robson) asks a mobster for protection when Lucifer's loan shark comes to collect his soul. Written by Harlan Ellison.

Cast includes Anthony Franciosa, Wayne Robson, Susan Wright, Laurie Paton, George Buza, B.J. McQueen and Garry Robbins.

02:30 PM Road Less Traveled

A teacher (Cliff De Young) has flashbacks to the Vietnam War---even though he was a draft dodger.

Cast includes Cliff De Young, Margaret Klenck, Jaclyn-Rose Lester, Clare Nono, John Zarchen and Christopher Brown.

03:00 PM Nightcrawlers

A veteran (Scott Paulin) "shares" his nightmares about Vietnam with patrons of a diner.

Cast includes Scott Paulin, James Whitmore Jr., Robert Swan, Sandy Martin, Bobby Bass and Matt Levin.

03:30 PM Wordplay -Personal Demons

1. "Wordplay." A man (Robert Klein) thinks everyone is speaking gibberish.

Cast includes Robert Klein, Annie Potts, Adam Raber, Robert Downey Sr., Joseph Whipp and Dwier Brown.

2. A writer is plagued by gremlin-like "Personal Demons," that no one else can see.

Cast includes Martin Balsam, Clive Revill, Joshua Shelley, Penny Baker and Stephen Flanigan.

04:00 PM Little Boy Lost

A photographer (Season Hubley) trying to decide between an overseas job or marriage, meets a mysterious boy.

Cast includes Season Hubley, Nicolas Surovy, Scott Grimes and Nancy Kyes.

04:30 PM Teacher's Aide - Children's Zoo

1. In "Teacher's Aide," a mild teacher (Adrienne Barbeau) starts manhandling students.

Cast includes Adrienne Barbeau, Adam Postil, Miguel A. Núñez Jr., Josh Richman, Fred Morsell and Noelle Harling.

2. A girl brings her bickering parents to a "Children's Zoo."

Cast includes Lorna Luft, Steven Keats, Jaclyn-Rose Lester, Sydney Walsh and Wes Craven.

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