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The Outer Limits ('95) - Chiller TV: Season 4 Marathon Schedule Dec 28 '12

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Outer Limits 1995


06:00 AM In The Zone

An aging athlete (Adrian Pasdar) undergoes experimental reflex-acceleration treatments, but finds his increased metabolism speeds him into another time continuum.

Cast includes Heroes Adrian Pasdar, Claudette Mink, Dwight McFee, Pat Moritam Rick Ravanello, Douglas Smith and Lori Fetrick.

07:00 AM In Another Life

A homicidal killer is transported to a parallel universe to kill an alternate---and more successful---version of himself. Story by CSI's Naren Shankar, Stargate SG-1/Atlantis/Universe's Brad Wright and Chris Brancato.

Cast includes Kelly Rowan, Mitchell Laurance, Matthew Laurance, Andrew Wheeler, Cheryl Wilson and Deshka Penoff.

09:00 AM Hearts And Minds

Human soldiers battle insect-like aliens over an energy source on Earth.

Cast includes Christine Elise, Miguel Fernandes, Dylan Walsh, Vincent Gale, Heather Hanson, Tong Lung, Darryl Quon and Michael Todd.

10:00 AM Criminal Nature

A cop (Gary Cole) investigating crimes committed by genetically enhanced adolescents discovers that the son he gave up as a child is one of them.

Cast includes Gary Cole, Louis Del Grande, Monk's Jason Gray-Stanford, Lynda Boyd, Jill Teed, Joel Palmer, Eureka's Kavan Smith, John Maclaren, Judith Maxie and Fred Henderson.

11:00 AM The Hunt

Hunters on an illegal android hunt find that the prey they're stalking is more aggressive than they thought. Directed by Mario Azzopardi and written by Sam Egan.

Cast includes Doug Savant, Ron White, Sarah Strange, David McNally, Don Thompson, Tobias Mehler, Bob Gunton, K9's Robert Moloney, D. Harlan Cutshall and Russell Ferrier.

12:00 PM Relativity Theory

A survey team on a mission to a distant planet encounters apparently hostile aliens, precipitating a mutiny of the crew and the slaughter of the aliens.

Cast includes Melissa Gilbert, Jeremy Ratchford, Revolution's Tim Guinee, Hiro Kanagawa, Michael Kopsa, Robert Lewis, Mary Ann Skoll, Doug Jones and Eg Mahan.

01:00 PM Josh

An enigmatic being which may be an evil alien or benevolent presence is encountered by military officials and a TV reporter.

Cast includes Alex McArthur, Kate Vernon, Grant Heslov, Fulvio Cecere, Larry Musser, Scott Hylands, Joe Pascual, Caroline Elliott, Allixandra East, Jon Raitt and Ed Evanko.

02:00 PM Glyphic

When an official from the Department of Health (Peter Flemming) visits a town in the Pacific Northwest, he discovers that a mysterious epidemic killed most of the town's children 12 years ago. Written by CSI's Naren Shankar and directed by Catherine O'Hara.

Cast includes Rachael Leigh Cook, Peter Flemming, Tom McBeath, Robin Duke, Tom Heaton, Lane Smith, Brad Swaile, Shannon Beaty, Ryan DeBoer and Jonathon Young.

03:00 PM Identity Crisis

After a soldier's mind and brain functions have been transferred to an android, he's killed by a rival.

Cast includes Longmire's Lou Diamond Phillips, Robert Joy, Scott Kraft, Dale Wilson and Teri Polo.

04:00 PM Vaccine

Twelve quarantined survivors of a genetically engineered virus have only three vaccines. Written by Stargate SG-1/Atlantis/Universe's Brad Wright and Victoria James.

Cast includes Maria Conchita Alonso, Lane Gates, Brent David Fraser, Biski Gugushe, Eric Keenleyside, Jay Brazeau, Megan Leitch, Joy Coghill, Jason Gaffney, Laurie Murdoch, Michael Buie, Joanna Piros and Claire Riley.

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