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Ellen Muth - Dead Like Me - Chiller TV: Season 1 Marathon Schedule Dec 24 '12

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Dead Like Me cast includes Ellen Muth, Callum Blue, Jasmine Guy, Mandy Patinkin, Cynthia Stevenson, Britt McKillip, Christine Willes and Laura Harris.

06:00 AM Vacation

With the gravelings taking the day off and no one dying, the Reapers take a break and catch up on some much-overdue paperwork.

Guest cast includes Talia Ranger, Patricia Idlette and Crystal Dahl.

07:00 AM Rest In Peace

On what is supposed to be George's “special” day, she accompanies Dolores to the vet when her cat takes ill; and Rube reaps a yoga instructor.

Guest cast includes Lost's Harold Perrineau, Spencer Achtymichuk, Jay Brazeau and Stargate Atlantis' Jewel Staite.

08:00 AM Pilot - Pt 1

An 18-year-old girl (Ellen Muth), who has been killed by falling space debris, is recruited to be a grim reaper, an undead being charged with claiming souls from dying people.

Guest cast includes Jodelle Ferland, David Lewis, Matthew Currie Holmes, Debbie Podowski, Brad Sihvon, William MacDonald, Blu Mankuma, Reg Tupper, David Kaye, John Shaw, Art Kitching, David Hurtubise, Peter Bryant and Patricia Idlette.

09:00 AM Pilot - Pt 2

10:00 AM Dead Girl Walking

George (Ellen Muth) tries to spare the life of the person who created a popular exercise device.

Guest cast includes Colin Lawrence, Catherine Barroll, Linden Banks, Patti Allan, Philip Granger, Matthew Robert Kelly and Robin Webb.

11:00 AM Curious George

Against Rube's (Mandy Patinkin) orders, George (Ellen Muth) returns home and has an unsettling encounter with her mother; also, Reggie (Britt McKillip) continues to have trouble dealing with George's death.

Guest cast includes Michael Robinson.

12:00 PM Reapercussions

George (Ellen Muth) gets a new roommate, a grim reaper named Daisy Adair (Laura Harris).

Guest cast includes Mary Ann Mobley, Gary Collins, Kwesi Ameyaw, Nancy Robertson, Peter Hanlon, Crystal Dahl, Robin Mossley and Kenneth G. McIntyre.

01:00 PM Reaping Havoc

One of George's (Ellen Muth) undead friends decides to leap to the other side.

Guest cast includes Jackie Burroughs, Terence Kelly, Stargate SG-1's Gary Jones, Enid-Raye Adams, Frank Cassini, Daniel Bacon, Raugi Yu, Crystal Dahl, Laura Boddington and Eureka's Erica Cerra.

02:00 PM My Room

George (Ellen Muth) gets a new roommate (Laura Harris), a 1930s ingenue whose death during the filming of “Gone with the Wind” caused quite the scandal. In other events, George is recruited to play on the company bowling team and Reggie (Britt McKillip) erects a toilet-seat tree as a memorial to her sister.

Guest cast includes John Kapelos, Lorena Gale, Deanne Henry, Leslie Jones, Daniel Bacon, Jada Stark, Talia Ranger, Mark Acheson, Zak Santiago, Joelly Segal, Bruce Fontaine and Gordon Tipple.

03:00 PM Reaper Madness

A cancelled assignment leads to George (Ellen Muth) getting involved with the soul she was supposed to harvest, that of a cute young schizophrenic (Tygh Runyan) who claims he can see the gravelings. Also: George must mentor a new employee (Tegan Moss) at Happy Time.

Guest cast includes Tygh Runyan, Tegan Moss, Malcolm Stewart and Talia Ranger.

04:00 PM Sunday Mornings

George (Ellen Muth) learns something surprising about her dad (Greg Kean); and Mason (Callum Blue) rescues an attractive college student (A.J. Cook) from a date rape. Also: Roxy (Jasmine Guy) performs a temporary soul extraction on an abusive man (Kevin Durand), who then turns into a passive religious zealot.

Guest cast includes A.J. Cook, Greg Kean, Kevin Durand, Kett Turton, Mike Savage, David Milchard, Charisse Baker, Talia Ranger and Laura Boddington.

05:00 PM A Cook

When the recently deceased short-order cook (John Kapelos) at the waffle house refuses to pass over, Rube (Mandy Patinkin) takes his job; George (Ellen Muth) picks up a pet golden retriever whose previous owner was one of George's reaper assignments.

Guest cast includes John Kapelos, Maxine Miller, Stargate Universe's Peter Kelamis, Deanne Henry, Talia Ranger and Miguel Castillo.

06:00 PM Business Unfinished

The reapers hold a seance for a wealthy society matron (Susan Sullivan) who refuses to pass over until she gets even with her son (Haig Sutherland). Also, on the anniversary of her death 21 years ago, Roxy (Jasmine Guy) is still trying come to terms with the manner in which she died.

Guest cast includes Castle's Susan Sullivan, Stargate Universe's Haig Sutherland, Mary Black, Pam Hyatt, Fulvio Cecere, Vicky Lambert, Deanne Henry and Crystal Dahl.

07:00 PM The Bicycle Thief

A need for more cash has George (Ellen Muth) tackling a new job and garnering a going-away party from her Happy Time co-workers; Reggie (Britt McKillip) and family search for their lost dog.

Guest cast includes Ben Bass, James Purcell, Andrew McIlroy, Sarah Lind, Justin Stillwell, James Ashcroft, Talia Ranger, Todd Sherman and Crystal Dahl.

08:00 PM Nighthawks

Unable to sleep, the reapers put in a long, late night on the job while George (Ellen Muth) watches for a death at her house.

Guest cast includes Patricia Idlette, Alvin Sanders and Troy Aldridge.

09:00 PM Vacation
10:00 PM Rest In Peace
11:00 PM Pilot - Pt 1
12:00 AM Pilot - Pt 2
01:00 AM Dead Girl Walking
02:00 AM Curious George
03:00 AM Reapercussions
04:00 AM Reaping Havoc
05:00 AM My Room

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