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The Twilight Zone (1985) - Chiller TV: Marathon Schedule Nov 16 '12

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09:00 AM Aqua Vita

A TV anchor (Mimi Kennedy) who's worried about her crow's feet drinks a strangely rejuvenating water.

Cast includes Mimi Kennedy, Joseph Hacker, Amanda Horan Kennedy, Christopher McDonald, Martin Doyle, Bob Delegall, John D. LeMay, Harry Stephens and Cynthia Kania.

09:30 AM Time And Teresa Golowitz

The Devil (Gene Barry) wants to exchange favors with a songwriter (Paul Sand).

Cast includes Gene Barry, Grant Heslov, Kristi Lynes, Paul Sand, Gina Gershon, Beau Dremann, Heather Haase, CSI's Wallace Langham, J.D. Roth and Laurel Green.

10:00 AM Private Channel- Dreams For Sale

1. "Private Channel." Headphones enable a boy (Scott Coffey) to hear the thoughts of a fellow plane passenger.

Cast includes Scott Coffey, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine's Andrew Robinson, Claudia Cron, Louise Lewis and Jackson Hughes.

2. "Dreams for Sale." A woman (Meg Foster) notices that events at a picnic keep repeating.

Cast includes Meg Foster, David Hayward, Vincent Guastaferro and Lee Anthony.

10:30 AM Songs Of The Younger World

A reform-school inmate (Pete Kowanko) and the superintendent's daughter hope to be together in another dimension.

Cast includes Peter Kowanko, Paul Benedict, Jennifer Rubin and Roberts Blossom.

11:00 AM Nightsong

The singer of “Nightsong” appears at the station of a deejay (Lisa Eilbacher) who has avoided playing the song for years.

Cast includes Lisa Eilbacher, Kip Gilman and Antony Hamilton.

11:30 AM The Convict's Piano

A musician (Joe Penny) in prison finds a piano capable of transporting him back in time.

Cast includes Joe Penny, Norman Fell, Tom O'Brien, John Hancock, Sam Scarber, Cristen Kauffman, Anthony De Longis and Burton Collins.

12:00 PM The Card

A compulsive shopper (Susan Blakely) discovers that her new credit card has very stiff penalties for late payments.

Cast includes Susan Blakely, Virginia Kiser, William Atherton, Ken Lerner, Beverly Eilbacher, Coleby Lombardo, Zachary Bostrom and Frank Mangano.

12:30 PM The Road Less Traveled

A teacher (Cliff De Young) has flashbacks to the Vietnam War---even though he was a draft dodger.

Cast includes Cliff De Young, Margaret Klenck, Jaclyn-Rose Lester, Clare Nono, John Zarchen and Christopher Brown.

01:00 PM The Girl I Married

A middle-aged man (James Whitmore Jr.) pines for the idealistic woman he married---and gets his wish.

Cast includes Linda Kelsey, James Whitmore Jr., Dennis Patrick. Ron Troncatty, Andrea Aal, Vincent Rebholz and Robert Zappa.

01:30 PM Shelter Skelter

An obsessed survivalist (Joe Mantegna) may get to use his bomb shelter.

Cast includes Criminal Minds' Joe Mantegna, Joan Allen, Jon Gries, Nick Gatlin, Adam Raber, Danica McKellar, Lauren Levinson, Diana Lewis and Bones' Tamara Taylor.

02:00 PM The Toys Of Caliban

A mentally handicapped youth (David Greenlee) is kept in isolation by his parents, who fear their son's ability to make things materialize out of thin air will be discovered.

Cast includes Richard Mulligan, Anne Haney, David Greenlee, Alexandra Borrie, Earl Houston Bullock and Richard Biggs.

02:30 PM Joy Ride- Examination Day

1. Four teens steal a classic car and go for a "Joy Ride"---back in time.

Cast includes Robert Knepper, Brooke McCarter, Heidi Kozak, Tamara Mark, Burr Middleton, Danny Spear and Randy Hall.

2. A boy's parents fear he'll fail the intelligence test on "Examination Day."

Cast includes Christopher Allport, David Mendenhall, Elizabeth Norment, Jeffrey Alan Chandler, Ed Krieger and Myrna White.

03:00 PM The Junction

A miner (William Allen Young) gets trapped in a coal mine, and meets a fellow miner who claims he was trapped there too---in 1912.

Cast includes William Allen Young, Chris Mulkey, John Dennis Johnston, Michael Alldredge, William Frankfather, Tanya Boyd, James Lashly, John Walcutt, Ann Doran and Karen Landry.

03:30 PM Extra Innings

A baseball player, forced to retire because of injury, dreams of returning to the game.

Cast includes Marc Singer, Amber Lea Weston, Tracy New, J. Winston Carroll, James O'Regan, Lynn Vogt and Don Chevrier.

04:00 PM The Trunk

The desk clerk (Bud Cort) at a hotel discovers a steamer trunk that grants wishes.

Cast includes Bud Cort, Lisa Schrage, Milan Cheylov, Alvaro D'Antonio, Gerry Quigley, Elena Kudaba, Kelly Denomme and Rummy Bishop.

04:30 PM The Crossings

A priest is haunted by visions of a deadly accident that happened many years ago.

Cast includes Ted Shackelford, Gerard Parkes, Seirge LeBlanc, Shelagh Harcourt and Bunty Webb.

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